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Apostolic Movement

Deacons deepen their vocation by following the example of John Pozzobon

By: Sister M. Rosequiel Favero

On March 28 and 29, the president of the National Commission of Deacons of Brazil (NCD), Deacon Francisco Salvador Pontes Filho together with Deacons Flávio Antônio and Roberto Castilhos Nunes, president and vice-president of the Regional Commission of Permanent Deacons, were in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, to learn about the life and work of the Servant of God, Deacon John Luiz Pozzobon. They were joined by Deacon Ricardo Rossato of the Archdiocese of Santa Maria.


On their tour they visited the Marian Center, the Original Pilgrim MTA, the Tabor Shrine, and the John Pozzobon House Museum, where they learned about the apostolic and charitable commitment of the founder of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign. On Tuesday morning, the 29th, they participated in the Holy Mass in the Tabor Chapel, where they gave their testimony. Deacon Flávio Antônio talks about this experience.

“We had the grace of visiting the Schoenstatt Shrine and the House Museum of our brother Deacon John Luiz Pozzobon in Santa Maria. We were eager to see, feel and experience our brother’s journey.

Moved to tears

When we walked on some of the roads traveled by João Pozzobon himself, or as he was affectionately called “Don João”, or as he called himself “the Virgin’s Donkey”, we were moved to tears on several occasions by the saintly work he had done with the needy communities.

Seeing his closeness to the most needy communities, the love, the affection, the dedication to them and knowing how he carried the Pilgrim Mother image on his shoulders, it is impossible not to be moved. Several testimonies of his deeds confirm that Deacon John was not of this era, for he always lived thinking about the needs of others. With his rosary in hand and the Pilgrim Mother on his shoulder, he embraced with simplicity and humil


ity the pains of the most needy, visiting their homes and bringing what the Blessed Mother asks of us: the Holy Rosary.

With your example, John, we understand the true meaning of the diaconate

After these moments we spent in Santa Maria we understood the true meaning of the mission we have as deacons and how much we were lacking in our journey. We had already spoken humbly about Deacon John Pozzobon but we realized how limited our information was. We drastically changed our mindset about the accomplishments of this holy man and today we can humbly say that we are great devotees of this exemplary man, father, husband, and role model.

Deeply moved I can say: Thank you Mother Thrice Admirable Queen of Schoenstatt, thank you my brother in Christ, Deacon John Luiz Pozzobon, intercede for us before God.


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