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Leading to Love – Restart in 2022

Raul and Maria Luisa Rivera - Institute of Schoenstatt Families

Restarting the seminar “Leading to Love”

Although we continue to experience the consequences of the pandemic and now new concerns have been added, such as deteriorated economic situations and the war between Ukraine and Russia, configuring a global panorama of great uncertainty, we believe that God is inviting us to learn how to live with these realities, which have many similarities to what our Father and Founder experienced throughout his life.

For this reason, the organizing team of the seminar has decided to offer it again and find out how this initiative is received by the International Schoenstatt Family Work.



Leading to Love” is a seminar born from a missionary impulse of the 2014 Centennial, as a service to the Family Work, which seeks to support the spiritual growth of Schoenstatt couples and families, and develop their leadership skills, from a profound encounter with the Founder and his leadership style.

The seminar is held in person at the Haus der Familie on Mount Nazareth in Schoenstatt – Germany, from where the most significant places in the history of the Movement are visited, and it is structured in a dynamic and experiential way, thus allowing the participants not to not only deepen knowledge, but pass through the heart and personal history the milestones of this holy history.

Liderança Likewise, it seeks to constitute an international meeting place for the Family Work, from which strategies and concrete actions are coordinated in favor of Christian marriage and family, inspired by the Holy Family of Nazareth, as our Founder stated in the Letter of Santa Maria.

3 dates have been scheduled:

• In English: August 15 to 22

• In Spanish: August 25 to September 1

• In Portuguese: September 4 to 11

All the information can be downloaded from the following link: 

The deadline to register is April 30. You can also download the application form from the same link.

The invitation is to join this challenge in this uncertain hour of humanity, which needs robust, joyful and audacious families, deeply anchored in the supernatural world, capable of being bearers of Christ to the world. We are waiting for you!



with your loved ones

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