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Completion of the “Good Future” sewing workshop in Burundi

Sr. M. Françoise Nimibona

In 2021, the community of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Burundi (Central Africa) opened a sewing training center called “AKAZOZA KEZA – GOOD FUTURE”.

This center is aimed at women and girls with a primary school level who want to learn this trade to improve their lives and those of their families.

Development of personal skills

In addition to sewing, the training focuses on community life, creative spirit and seeks to develop individual talents and skills. Poverty often prevents individuals from thriving and growing in faith. The sewing workshop enables women to develop positive perspectives. Each woman comes up with a self-financing plan and develops a project.

Celebration with presentation of certificates

The fourth group of women has completed this training program and each one received a certificate during a ceremony.

At the beginning, the women, together with their families and other guests, celebrated a Holy Mass in thanksgiving. In his sermon, Father Dismas emphasized the importance of tailoring. He said, “You are dressing heaven and earth. The Virgin Mary appears clothed when she appears. She also made clothes for Jesus and dressed him.”

He also advised them not to work like other people in the world, who are only trying to make money, no matter how it is done, but to remain honest, authentic, and righteous.

Gifts of the Mother Thrice Admirable

Everyone present then took their seats in the great hall. Juliette Kavabuha stepped forward and offered her heartfelt congratulations and encouragement to the graduates. She reminded them that this day is one of the gifts given to us by the Mother Thrice Admirable and asked the women to demonstrate in their surroundings the spirit they have received from this center. The center had not only trained them in sewing, but they had also received spiritual formation.

Expression of joy

One of the 17 women who attended the sewing course stood up to express her joy. She extended her sincere thanks to those in charge of the “Akazoza Keza” center and to the teacher, who had given her heart and soul to the course. She also thanked her classmates for the good rapport that had reigned among them during the last six months. As a token of gratitude, she gave them an image of St. Joseph, which will accompany them in their work as seamstresses.

The training room has become too small

Sister M. Françoise also addressed the group. She explained how the idea came about: the community of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary became aware of the misery that exists in the country, especially in families, and that this misery is especially threatening to many women and girls.

Hence the idea of creating this sewing center to support women and girls in need. She stated that they have ten sewing machines, but the training room is very small and there are still many women who want to learn.

Finally, the Schoenstatt university students congratulated the graduates and expressed their joy by dancing. The celebration ended with refreshments.

Photos: Sr. M. Lisette Seiter, Bujumbura, Burundi

Source: Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary –


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