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Switzerland has a married couple as leaders of the Movement for the first time

At their meeting last November 15th in Quarten, the members of the National Presidium of the Swiss Schoenstatt Movement elected Rita and Franz Schuler as the new National Directors of the Movement in Switzerland. They will succeed Father Raffael Rieger, Schoenstatt Father, on January 1st, 2024. Their term of office is for six years. The Schulers are the first couple to become leaders of the Schoenstatt Movement in Switzerland.

The Schulers belong to the Swiss Schoenstatt Family Federation. They commented that they are “the first couple in Switzerland to undertake the leadership of the Movement. We completely place ourselves at the disposal of the Movement’s League as those responsible for the Movement. Regarding the challenge, for the time being, we do not know exactly what awaits us. We are counting on the support of the Central Office in our task. This comprises sisters, priests, and other active people in the various branches. At this time, we have around 13 people”.

What is the role of a Movement Director?

The task of the Movement Director is to create networks and build bridges. He/she establishes networks between the independent branches of the communities within the Schoenstatt League. The head of the Movement is responsible, among other things, for the annual delegates’ meeting. In addition, he/she oversees and administers the National Central Committee. There, those who render services in the branches of the League and who are active in spiritual care meet. Together with the National Presidium, the National Directors of the Movement represent Schoenstatt to the outside world. More information here.

The challenge of building a promising future together

The couple spoke about their expectations: “Under the guidance and assistance of our dear Blessed Mother, we want to lead the Swiss Schoenstatt Family into the future. In this task, we will rely on the help of many, on everyone’s support, each one in their own place and each one with their own possibilities. One of our goals is to be attentive to the diversity of the Schoenstatt Movement in Switzerland, to perceive where there is growth, where something is on fire, and where support is needed. We also see networking and growing together as a central aspect of our task.”

The task of the Movement Director is to create networks and build bridges. Photo –

Message from the National Presidium

The members of the National Presidium cordially thank Rita and Franz for their willingness to take on this task and thus lead and accompany the Swiss Schoenstatt Movement into a new phase. In the official letter, the Presidium expresses:

“It is important for the National Presidium and also for Rita and Franz Schuler to be supported in this task. As a next step, they will look for “advisors and collaborators” with whom they would like to fulfill this task.
We warmly congratulate Rita and Franz on being chosen and ask God’s blessing and His Holy Spirit of wisdom for this task. Thank you for all your prayers so that we can continue on a successful path towards the future of the Schoenstatt Movement in Switzerland”.

Finally, the new leaders of the Movement state: “Together, we want to constantly rethink and redefine the vision of Father Joseph Kentenich, wherever we are.”


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