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You can do Eucharistic Adoration in the Original Shrine from home.

By: Karen Bueno

During the first months of the pandemic, an initiative arose to hold Eucharistic Adoration every Friday evening in the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany. The original idea was to have an international Pentecost novena but, thanks to the interest of many people all over the world, this proposal is still alive.

In this time of crisis and uncertainty everyone has the possibility of having this encounter with Jesus and the Blessed Mother, leaving their worries before the altar and completely trusting in God.

Adoration begins every Friday night at 8:00 pm (local German time) and ends the following day, Saturday, at 7:00 am. There we pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters, for the health crisis in all the countries, for the end of the pandemic and for the intentions of all the members of the international Schoenstatt Family.

Sister M. Vanda Lucia Friedrich, sacristan of the Original Shrine, explains in further detail:

How did these nightly adorations in the Original Shrine come about?

It was through the Prayer Community. Because of the pandemic there was no possibility to continue the monthly adoration in the chapel of the Adoration Sisters, so the members of the Community asked if they could move it to the Original Shrine. This took place before the Pentecost novena, so we had nine nights of adoration. At the end of July 2020, we saw the great need to unite more people in prayer. At the time, we were almost in total quarantine and few people were going out, few businesses and schools were open. We saw the need to offer additional time, to offer something for people who really wanted to pray more, to be with God, to bring their needs before God. So, at the end of July, we started a novena of adoration nights.

Why did you decide to keep the adoration?

Since there were a good number of participants and there was never a shortage of people to do this night adoration, we filled all the schedules very quickly, especially in the evening. We saw that this initiative worked very well and that, in truth, the world is very much in need of prayer, for the Church, for all these urgent problems that the world is going through, the pandemic and Father Kentenich’s ongoing situation. We saw the desire of people wanting to come to the Shrine and pray.

What is the schedule for the nightly adorations?

In Germany it is every Friday night from 8:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Can people, even from other countries, register and participate? How can they do it?

People who are here in Schoenstatt can register online at the Original Shrine website and participate in person. Those who are not close, from anywhere in the world, can register, also through the online form, and participate through the webcam.

⇒ In person: Register using this form:

⇒ Virtually via webcam: Register using this form:

⇒ Online worship takes place through the webcam of the Original Shrine, which can be accessed through this link:



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