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Apostolic Movement

Several months ago the Pilgrims’ Center in Schoenstatt started to receive inquiries such as: “Sister, is there space for a youth group from Mexico?, we are on our way to Lisbon, we are from the United States, can we visit Schoenstatt and get to know it? we are a group of Schoenstatt youth from Ecuador and we would like to go on pilgrimage to Schoenstatt before participating in the WYD in Portugal. Sister, do you have any suggestions for a program?”

A task under the Shrine’s shadow

Since September 2019, I joyfully assumed a new task in the shadow of the Original Shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany. Previously, the tasks that I had been given as a Sister of Mary were carried out in Argentina, my country of origin. Since then, I have received many Spanish-speaking pilgrims, who have come to this holy land with hearts full of joy and longing.

About 450 young pilgrims will visit the Original Shrine

This is a special year since some 450 youth from different countries of America will be coming to Schoenstatt between July 15 and 28 to learn about, be part of and walk through those places that speak to us about the life and experience of the founding generation, and of the footsteps that our Founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, has also left us.

Picture: Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary

A cantata (musical program) for Mary

And other questions followed the first ones: “Sister, we have heard that many youth groups will be visiting Schoenstatt, can we organize a youth cantata (musical program) for the Blessed Mother?”

There will be a special event on July 25th. The youth groups from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, United States, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, and Puerto Rico will gather together to renew the Covenant of Love with the MTA in the Original Shrine and to honor our Blessed Mother with songs and presentations that they will prepare for this day.

“I will draw youthful hearts to myself”

Several volunteer teams are at work… We are gradually perceiving the joy, the enthusiasm, the longing of sharing and living together an experience that renews our love and surrender to our MTA and to our highest ideals.

“I will draw youthful hearts to myself”

a Covenant promise fulfilled!

World Youth Encounter
Picture: Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary

We already extend a warm welcome to all the young people who will be coming!

We are waiting for you!

Source: Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary