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The Law Enforcement Agencies of Ecuador pray for peace at the Schoenstatt Shrine

By: Nataly and José Andrés Parada

On Saturday, February 24th, a historic moment for peace in Ecuador was experienced at the National Shrine of Schoenstatt. The Blessed Mother was crowned in the hearts of many members of the different law enforcement agencies of the country.

The Shrine Ministry invites the Armed Forces to pray for peace

In the midst of the present state of domestic war in Ecuador, fruit of the violence that has deprived the Ecuadorians of their peace, the desire of the Schoenstatters to consecrate the Armed Forces and the National Police to the maternal care of Mary was born.

With the presence of the Archbishop of Guayaquil, Monsignor Luis Gerardo Cabrera, and Father Eduardo Auza, diocesan coordinator of Schoenstatt Guayaquil, the Pastoral of the National Shrine organized a Mass of thanksgiving and prayers for our law enforcement forces.

Representatives of different law enforcement agencies were present

Government Ministers, representatives of the Joint Command of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces: Navy, Air Force, Army, members of the National Police, representatives of the Judiciary, former presidents and special guests sang to the Sacred Heart of Jesus under our Mother and Queen’s mantle, at the Schoenstatt Shrine in Guayaquil.

” Previously it was said…, but I say to you”

The Gospel readings of the Mass were so linked to the reality of the country and to our society’s longing, that God the Father’s embrace was deeply felt.

Monsignor Cabrera’s homily was a call for peace entitled “Previously it was said, but I say to you”, in which he reminded us that we are all players in bringing about the peace that our country is longing for, we have the responsibility to heed the call through our consistency in our lives and that: “a prayer without action distances us from the earth; and that an action without prayer distances us from heaven”.

During the offertory, baskets with safety and hygiene products for personal use, donated by the Schoenstatt Family were offered before the altar with the purpose of contributing to the complex tasks of our national heroes in areas of the country with many shortages.

The Blessed Mother wanted to go with them

At the end of the Mass, a special blessing was given to our public servants consecrating them to the Blessed Mother. The Sisters of Mary gave them a medal with the image of our Queen of Peace, which had been placed on the altar next to the tabernacle during the previous night.

Everyone received their medal with joy, some hung it around their necks, others wrapped it in their bulletproof vest. A witness to this moment recounts that an officer, while tying it to his vest, said: “so that it will save my life” to which his companion replied: “or so that it will take you straight to heaven”.

Gratitude for their heroic service

And the question arose, “Are we aware that they offer their lives every day so that all of us in Ecuador can continue with our daily lives?”

To which we answer, “Yes, we are aware. And that is why we offer this Holy Mass in their honor.

And we express our gratitude saying: Thank you Father God, because Ecuador can count on these valuable individuals who give their lives for us. We ask you to bless them at all times.

As is characteristic of the Schoenstatters, before the farewell, a small tribute was offered with a 4-string concert. It was an opportunity to get to know each other, to thank each other and to share the joy of feeling welcomed in the Shrine of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt.

They were bid farewell with the certainty that the Blessed Mother takes perfect care of them and their families, and that in the Schoenstatt Shrine they have a haven of peace to strengthen them in their noble mission, because we are the Father’s Family, Home for the World.


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