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The Brasilia Shrine inaugurates its Jubilee Year with a pilgrimage by the Armed Forces

By: Sr. M. Isabel Machado

We have often heard the statement: “Jubilees are times of special graces! And this statement becomes even truer when it happens during times of great hope, within our Movement and within the Church. This is what the Schoenstatt Family is experiencing in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital.

During the month of March 2024, the Tabor of Hope Shrine began its jubilee year to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This Shrine has its own characteristic: it was built on a piece of land linked to the Military Archdiocese of Brazil and is closely linked to it. For this reason – and because it was built in the capital of the country – several Brazilian military authorities visit it and participate in its activities.

Photos: Neto Lima

The Shrine receives a plenary indulgence

To mark the opening of the Jubilee year, the military archbishop of Brazil, Msgr. Marcony Ferreira, suggested not only a Mass – as was the original proposal – but a triduum. He also suggested inviting many people, including the Military Family. With the Archbishop’s support and assistance, the Shrine received the gift of plenary indulgence for the entire Jubilee year.

Another of Archbishop Marcony’s personal commitments and endeavors was to offer confessions in the Shrine on the days of the Triduum. Several military chaplains and priests made themselves available to the pilgrims, who waited in long lines.

The first two days of the triduum

On the first day of the triduum, March 16th, the solemn opening of the Jubilee Year took place, with the sounding of the trumpet and the reading of the decrees. The Mass was officiated by the Auxiliary Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Brazil, Monsignor José Francisco Falcão.

The largest concentration of pilgrims took place on the second day of the triduum, Sunday, March 17th. Many buses and cars arrived carrying many people.

On the second day, the Mass was officiated by the Secretary General of the National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), Monsignor Ricardo Hoepers. This celebration included a special moment with the investiture of 18 young people and children as the first Choirboys, Acolytes and Ceremonials from “Project Archangels” – a special gift for the Blessed Mother in this Jubilee Year.

Throughout the day there were activities around the Shrine. Many pilgrims also attended the Mass celebrated in the afternoon, presided by the Shrine’s chaplain, Father Érico Pitágoras Rocha.

Covenant Day with Vigil

March 18th was celebrated in a special way by the Schoenstatt Family. The pioneer couple of the Movement in Brasilia, Mr. Amaro and Neuza Freire, were present and everyone was delighted.

Father Thaisson Santarém presided at the Holy Mass, giving testimony of the presence of the Founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, and of Mr. João Pozzobon in his life.

During the early morning of the 18th to the 19th, there was a vigil to celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph, Father Kentenich’s name day and the beginning of the Jubilee Year. At midnight, a blessing was given with the Blessed Sacrament by Fr. José Edvaldo Santos, chaplain of the Brasilia Air Base.

Pilgrimage of the Armed Forces

On St. Joseph’s Day, our Blessed Mother received the Military Family of Brasilia. Representatives of the various Brazilian Armed Forces participated: the Brazilian Navy, Army and Air Force, as well as the Law Enforcement Agencies: the Military Police and the Fire Brigade. The visit started in front of the Jubilee Shrine with a procession.

The soldiers carried the images of St. Joseph and their patron saints. They were solemnly received at the beginning of the Holy Mass, presided by the Military Archbishop and concelebrated by the chaplain priests from the various Armed Forces.

The reception of the Brazilian flag was a touching moment of love for the homeland. All the soldiers saluted it. The National Anthem, solemnly sung, created a unique moment in the Jubilee celebration.

In his homily, Bishop Marcony Ferreira made a practical connection between the life of every soldier and the life of St. Joseph.

The motto chosen for this jubilee year – “Mary, Light of Hope, we walk with you!” – is the inspiration to send to all those who have passed and will pass through the Shrine of Brasilia during this special year of grace.


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