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The Aveiro Shrine during WYD: 11 bishops and thousands of youths

By: S. M. Verônica Cristina dos Santos

On the eve of World Youth Day (WYD), the Diocese of Aveiro welcomed about five thousand pilgrims who participated in the “Days in the Dioceses”. With this initiative, the dioceses prepared and were ready to receive young people from all over the world during the days prior to WYD as a way of welcoming and introducing the pilgrims to the culture of the host country, with the Schoenstatt Shrine being one of the meeting places for these young people.

On July 29th, hundreds of groups and 11 bishops went on pilgrimage to the MTA’s Tabor Shrine and upon entering, after waiting in a long line including priests and nuns, many of the youth along with their groups greeted the Blessed Mother with songs and prayers.

Before entering, each pilgrim received a stone where they had to write their name and with these stones the Schoenstatt Family of Aveiro will build a monument to remember these special moments of WYD.

Lunch in the Shrine’s shade

Upon leaving the Shrine, each person received the Capital of Grace booklet to include their offerings and outside some members of the Boys’ Youth and a Schoenstatt Fathers’ priest motivated everyone and gave explanations about the place of grace. In the afternoon the youth had pizza for lunch near the Shrine until around four o’clock in the afternoon.

The Days in the Dioceses took place in Aveiro from July 26-31, each day featuring different events. On the 29th the youth went on pilgrimage to three Marian Shrines including the Schoenstatt Shrine.

Bishops at the Shrine

Pilgrims from 14 different countries were present in the Diocese of Aveiro and several of them were accompanied by their bishops. The host bishop, António Moiteiro, insisted on taking his brother bishops to visit the Schoenstatt Shrine, where the group of 11 bishops greeted the MTA singing “Salve Regina”.

From the Aveiro Shrine, approximately 250 km from Lisbon, the youth were sent to WYD with great motivation, joy, and the blessings of the MTA.



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