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Apostolic Movement

The Apostolic Federation of Schoenstatt Families has new International Leadership

By: Heinrich Brehm


The new leadership consists of the following families: Silvina and Raúl Viñas, from Argentina, as Leaders of the International Federation; Margarita and Alcides González, from Paraguay, as First Counselor Couple; Maria and Stefan Pelz, from Germany, as Second Counselor Couple; and Martha and Martin Rigler, from Austria, as Third Counselor Couple.

The General Chapter of the International Apostolic Federation of Schoenstatt Families, which is present in 20 countries and has about 2,000 families worldwide, has been meeting since September 1st and will conclude on September 11, 2022.

In addition to the new leadership, three substitute couples were elected. These are: Malgorzata and Wojciech Szczeblewscy, Poland, as First Substitute Couple; Luciana and Edso Mocelin, Brazil, as Second Substitute Couple; and Lenka and Ondrej Múckovi, Czech Republic, as Third Substitute Couple.

The General Chapter also renewed the International Statutes ad experimentum, received progress reports from the International Directorate and the Territorial Federations, and discussed motions and current issues.

The members of the General Chapter asked for prayers for the newly elected leaders and for the entire Family Federation.

The General Chapter thanks the previous leadership, formed by the following couples: Rosa Maria and Josef Wieland (Germany), Flávia and Tomás Santos (Brazil), Manuela and Helmut Baumgartner (Austria) and Margarita and Alcides González (Paraguay), for their dedication, their initiatives, their loyalty, and their love for the Family Federation.


From left to right:
Ondřej & Lenka Múčkovi
Czech Republic
3rd Substitute Couple

Stefan & Maria Pelz
2nd Counselor Couple

Alcides & Margarita González
1st Counselor Couple

Raúl & Silvina Viñas
International Leaders of the Federation

Martin & Martha Rigler, (Martha is not in the picture)
3rd Counselor Couple

Edso & Luciana Mocelin
2nd Substitute Couple

Wojciech & Małgorzata Szczeblewscy
1st Substitute Couple


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