Profound Experience of the Girls’ Youth in Lisbon

Under the motto “Make us see - Clarifica-te!” 900 girls gathered in Lisbon, Portugal, for the international meeting of the Schoenstatt…

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Santuário de Aveiro na JMJ: 11 bispos e milhares de jovens

The Aveiro Shrine during WYD: 11 bishops and thousands of youths

On the eve of World Youth Day (WYD), the Diocese of Aveiro welcomed about five thousand pilgrims who participated in the “Days in the…

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Um, dois, três - vai! – Na reta final rumo à JMJ

Um, dois, três – vai! – In the final stretch towards WYD

The day prior to the official start of World Youth Day, July 31st, began in a relaxed manner for the young women who made their way to…

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Schoenstatt Youth is involved in the catechesis at WYD

One thing that has become a tradition at World Youth Day consists of the catechesis sessions. These are moments of encounter, reflection,…

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10 curiosidades sobre a JMJ e sua história

10 interesting facts about WYD and its history

Only those who have experienced a World Youth Day know the impact it can have. It is impossible to say how many lives are impacted,…

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Logomarca do Festival MTA

MTA Festival: Sending forth of the Schoenstatt Family to WYD

Great encounters await the Schoenstatt Youth as part of WYD, World Youth Day, in Portugal. Boys and girls will have their international…

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Ignis JM: “Eu vim trazer fogo”

Ignis Boy’s Youth: “I came to bring fire”

Expectation, anxiety, and a lot of work are part of the routine of the members of the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth from Portugal. They are fully…

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500 jóvenes vivirán el sueño de visitar Schoenstatt antes de la JMJ

500 youth shall live the dream of visiting Schoenstatt before WYD

Fulfilling a dream. That is what it is all about for many youths who will come to Schoenstatt, to the historic places, to the Original…

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JMJ: La Juventud de Schoenstatt peregrina a Fátima

WYD: Schoenstatt Youth on pilgrimage to Fatima

Some 1,400 Schoenstatt youth from 20 countries will participate in World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal. Before WYD commences, some…

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