Being a woman in a masculinized enviroment: Essence vs. caricature

The Schoenstatt Movement was born in 1914 in a masculine environment: the Pallottine seminary. Nevertheless, in the first years of…

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Consecrated life has to do with saying YES in our everyday life

All of us, at some point in our lives, seriously ask ourselves what does God have to do with our lives? After all, what do we believe in?…

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Mary, make us like you: a “yes” to consecrated life in Schoenstatt

"Show everyone that you follow Christ and put his Gospel into practice, filling your heart with happiness. Infect those who are near you…

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“I had to reassure myself three times that what I was experiencing was real”

On January 6, 2024, the two-month program "Schoenstatt Zeit" began. The name of the program, translated from German, means "time in…

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9 young women declare their “yes” in the community of the Sisters of Mary

22-year-old Andrea Gonzalez, a young Mexican woman, was going about her normal life - studying, making friends, taking part in…

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challenge of being a woman today

The challenge of being a Woman

During 2020, we celebrated the joyous occasion of the 100th anniversary of women becoming part of the Schoenstatt Movement. It was a time…

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How to discover the ideal model of feminine beauty?

A recent study conducted by the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) shows the worldwide growth of these procedures…

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União Feminina

General Chapter of the Apostolic Women’s Federation appointed new leaders

25 elected delegates of Schoenstatt's Apostolic Women's Federation have participated in their General Chapter. The event took place in a…

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Nathalie Becquart the Pioneer, Women in the Church

"Women in the Church: The Challenge of Synodality” The first woman in the history of the Church to be appointed undersecretary of the Synod…

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