shrine in santa maria

Tabor: The first Schoenstatt Shrine in Santa Maria, Brazil, turns 75 years old

As part of the program, a vigil prepared by the different branches of the Schoenstatt Family was held on the night of April 22nd. Many…

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Maringá Schönstattheiligtums in Brasilien

Construction of a new Schoenstatt Shrine in Brazil begins. With Maringá there will be 24.

With great joy, the Schoenstatt Family of Brazil celebrates the beginning of the construction of a new Schoenstatt Shrine in the country.…

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preparación a la Alianza

The pandemic has prompted us to offer online formation for the Covenant of Love

"Upon witnessing the start of online lectures providing preparation for the Covenant of Love during these past weeks, I can only say:…

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Misa andina

Andean Christmas Eve Mass from the middle of the world

In the Schoenstatt Shrine in Alangasí, Quito, we had a very special Mass, in the midst of the different indigenous cultures in our…

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Schoenstatt Brazil celebrates the 50th anniversary of its Shrine in Atibaia, near Sao Paulo

The Shrine of Atibaia, which is located one hour from the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is probably the most visited Schoenstatt Shrine in the…

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Belmonte desire to offer a crown to the Blessed Mother

Dear Schoenstatt Family: Some of us remember the wonderful celebration of the inauguration of the Belmonte/Rome Shrine on September 8,…

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Alianza de Amor

When parents’ Covenant of Love is reflected in the lives of their children.

The Covenant of Love strengthens a deep bond between the Blessed Mother and her Covenant allies. This relationship is meant to shape one' s…

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Sister Emilie

Sister M. Emilie’s secret: small and steady steps. To trust and take a leap

Those who have a birthday like to celebrate it with friends or family. This is a nice tradition. Sister M. Emilie's birthday is February 6,…

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St. Paul

St. Paul teaches me to be a witness of hope

I see how much I have yet to grow. I see myself as small and I need a miracle. Yes, I need to convert, to change inside, to let myself be…

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70th Anniversary

70th Anniversary of the Schoenstatt National Shrine in Argentina

From January 18th to the 20th, the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the National Shrine took place in New Schoenstatt. We were…

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