Dear friends of Schoenstatt International:

The long-awaited day of the Lord’s coming is at hand. Jesus comes again into the world, bringing hope and trust to our hearts.

In this beautiful time of the Lord’s birth, we want to thank you for being so faithful throughout 2023. We know that receiving news from through the different communication channels is an important way to stay informed about the activities carried out by the Coordination of the Schoenstatt Movement. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude for your interest and support.

We are experiencing a year that is full of challenges all over the world, particularly characterized by many conflicts and wars. The coming of Christ is the sign of the unconditional love of God, who continues to be always present beside his children.

“The Child Jesus is Love descending to us, and with this human nature, a nature capable of suffering, being defenseless, he experienced all the situations that human nature can and must experience to some extent until the end of time” (Excerpt from Father Joseph Kentenich’s homily to the German Community of St. Michael in Milwaukee, USA, December 25, 1963).

As we recognize all that has happened this year, we pray for each one of our readers and benefactors in the Original Shrine, where the Blessed Mother blesses them and protects them with her mantle.

May the birth of Christ bring new life and may the beginning of this new year bring courage, boldness, and joy to continue our mission together.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Schoenstatt International Team