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September 8th: established by law as the Day of the Men’s Rosary

By: Sister M. Nilza P. da Silva

On April the 26th, the Official Gazette of Brazil published the announcement of the law that institutes September 8th as the National Day of the Men’s Rosary by the Vice-President of the Nation, Geraldo Alckmin. Alckmin, acting in his capacity as President of the Republic, due to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s trip to Spain.

The bill 2676/21 was proposed by Congressman Eros Biondini (PL – Minas Gerais State), and the reason for choosing September 8 is that, according to the Chamber of Deputies, September 8th was the first demonstration of the Men’s Rosary movement in Brazil, which was the initiative of Friar Peregrino.

According to the representative of the project in the Chamber of Deputies, Deputy Evair Vieira de Melo (PP – Espírito Santo State), there are more than one million “Men of the Rosary” in Brazil and “for us Christians, prayer is the best way to establish a true unity with God”. Man, when ignored in the process of religious formation, is tempted to look for other attachments and other places”, he commented.

September 8th

It is also important to note that September 8 is the day the Church celebrates the birth of the Virgin Mary. Therefore, we believe that on the day we celebrate her birthday, Mary will be remembered nationally by the Men of the Rosary.

The rebirth of the Men’s Rosary in our country is due to the work of the Schoenstatt Fathers in the northeastern region of the country. You can read about it here.

For the National Advisor of the Mother and Queen Men’s Rosary,

“the Men’s Rosary is a new burst of the grace of the Holy Spirit in the Church of Brazil”.

He encouraged the Men of the Rosary

“to be faithful to its origin and to commit themselves to pray the Rosary with great devotion, seeking a personal encounter of faith with the Mother of Jesus and our Mother. May they be missionaries of the new evangelization, spreading this devotion in the Church of Brazil, which, since the Aparecida Document, has called us to a ‘continental mission’ and to live in a ‘permanent state of mission'”.

Rosario de hombres

The apostolate has transformed the lives of thousands of families throughout Brazil. There are countless testimonies of men who have been open to the grace of inner transformation and are enthusiastically involved in projects that help to improve the lives of many.

The Chamber of Deputies recognized the contribution of this initiative for Brazil and approved the bill that establishes September 8 as the National Men’s Rosary Day.

Father Vandemir Meister, National Advisor of this apostolate, said that this approval

“means an important recognition by the Legislature, in view of the fact that each member of the Men’s Rosary, rooted in faith, is a political agent of transformation, whether in his family, neighborhood, work, etc., committed to the construction of a more just country”.

He also explains that this law “does not regulate the Men’s Rosary”, which is the responsibility of the ecclesiastical authority. However, the “law recognizes the greatness and importance of the Men’s Rosary throughout the whole country”.

Publication in the Official Gazette of Brazil

LAW Nº 14.558, OF APRIL 25, 2023

Establishes the National Day of the Men’s Rosary.


I hereby make known that the National Congress decrees and I hereby enact the following Law:

Art. 1 The National Men’s Rosary Day is hereby instituted, to be celebrated annually on September 8th.

Art. 2 This law enters into effect on the date of its publication.

Brasília, April 25, 2023; 202nd of Independence and 135th of the Republic.


Flávio Dino de Castro e Costa

Read about the Men’s Rosary Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt.

Source: Agência Câmara de Notícias



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