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Launching: Schoenstatt presents the new version of its official website

Karen Bueno

The new digital environment created for the international Schoenstatt family can be described as a meeting place, a place to exchange experiences, and a place of Covenant. On Monday, July 1, the movement’s official website was relaunched at

Its articles are written in four languages—English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German—with a view to expanding to more languages in the future.

Relaunched? What has changed?

From design to content, the new platform has become more dynamic and current, with countless possibilities for co-creation.

The Schoenstatt family’s website has been redesigned to give it more identity. Communities, projects, and events have been given their own pages, increasing their digital presence.

The new site has more resources and has been updated to facilitate navigation on the different types of devices that are part of our daily lives.

Schoenstatt deserves the best

The International Coordination of the Movement spearheaded the renovation project, accompanied by the International General Presidium. Sister M. Cacilda Becker explains that the changes were essential and could not be postponed:

“Schoenstatt needs and deserves the most current and modern in the digital environment.” In the case of the official website, it was very important to update some elements impeding the site’s proper functioning. This was most evident with the Portuguese page, which had not worked for some time. Today, all four languages are well positioned, and in the future, we hope to have even more languages to cover our entire International Family.”

See what’s new and help us improve

The international communication team insists this is not a finished project but will constantly be renewed and growing. That’s why your opinion is very important.

Visit the pages, discover what’s new, and send us your comments. Your comments are welcome so everyone can feel like they are part of this digital environment.

We can all work together to make it a valuable representation of our covenant life for the Church and society.

With our hand on the pulse of time, as was the wish of our founder, Fr. Joseph Kentenich, we cherish the desire to bring “the ear to the heart of God” in the digital world through international content and links.

Send your suggestions to

Translation: Sr. M. Lourdes Macías Graue


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