The Schoenstatt Family in Temuco, in southern Chile, went on mission during the summer. Sent from their Shrine, six couples of the Family Branch and several members of the Boys’ and Girls’ Youth went door to door to visit families in San José de la Mariquina, a few kilometers from the Pacific coast and an hour and a half from their Shrine. As a family, those who could not go in person, contributed so that the presence of Jesus and Mary could reach many hearts. Here we share the story sent to us by the Schoenstatt Family of Temuco:

Sent from their Shrine, six couples from the Family Branch and members of the Boys’   and Girls’ Youth.

Going on mission during the summer was a very enriching experience, starting with the preparation, making this activity known to the family of “Ayinrehue, Cenacle Heart of the Father” – our Shrine’s mission -, who were inflamed and supported us with their prayers and with economic support, in addition to contributing with materials for the workshops, among other things. The enthusiasm of families and youth who leave their vacation time to go door to door on mission, gives testimony of the apostolic spirit, which is an important thing to instill from the foundations of the family.

Bringing hope and joy to families who are in distress and with problems.

With joy and hope, as a family we build the Covenant.

During these days, we lived under the motto “With joy and hope, as a family we build the Covenant”. It gave each missionary family the strength to welcome and listen to what so many of our brothers and sisters are going through: loneliness, lack of work, single women and their efforts to get ahead, were common factors. We took the Pilgrim Mother image, giving rosaries, scapulars, and prayers.

Our young people went to the radio station “Ecos del Valle”, promoting that we would be visiting the homes, and then we were invited for a second interview, speaking about the work and the message that we wanted to convey as missionaries.


Young people went to the Radio to promote

We also had the joy of having an in-house mission in our community composed of 34 people, consisting of couples, children and youth, which led us to strengthen our bonds, to get to know each other better, and to discover the presence of God in each heart.

We are grateful fpr being instruments; may God and the Blessed Mother use us to carry a message of joy and hope in these times when there is such a need to build the Covenant.