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Your shrine – a gift to the world!

By: Fr. Ignacio Camacho | Rector Original Shrine

This was the backdrop for the news we received on May 22, 2013, which surprised us all.

Just as was the case with the news of the resurrection of Jesus, many of us could not understand, or did not believe what we heard. Queries about the veracity of the information were coming in from different places. And no one was very clear about it. It was news that took us all by surprise. That’s why we received it with a certain amount of caution and a lot of doubt. Under today’s parameters, it would have been classified as “fake news”. Surely it was something made up by someone who had misinterpreted some kind of information received.

But it was not, it was the truth! At their provincial assembly, the Pallottine Community had decided to give the Original Shrine to the International Schoenstatt Family.

It was literally a “gift”. We had asked for it and longed for it, we had searched for different ways, but it was God Himself, who, through the generosity of the Pallottines, placed the Original Shrine in our hands as the best birthday gift to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding.

And what a gift it was! Throughout that Jubilee year, thousands of pilgrims were able to come to Schoenstatt and experience a special welcome. To be able to literally “come home”.

At that time, I lived in Schoenstatt, and I was always moved (as I still am today) by what it meant for the pilgrims to be able to come to the Original Shrine.

Some arrived after years of saving one coin at a time. Others would sneak out of the airport on a layover flight. Or they would travel for hours to visit the Shrine and return to the city they were in. But everyone wanted to get to the Original Shrine.

gift to the world

How different our celebration would have been without the Shrine!

It has been 10 years since that May 22nd. During this time there have been important moments where the Shrine has been at the center. I am thinking especially about the Corona Virus pandemic. Thousands of people became linked on a daily basis to our source of graces. They participated in the Eucharist in different languages, in the adorations and rosaries. Or they simply placed themselves in front of the Blessed Mother with their concerns and needs.

Even if we had planned it, I don’t think it would have been possible to develop a better strategy to become attached to the Shrine and to take it everywhere. Through something as hard and difficult as the pandemic, the Blessed Mother once again gave us the Shrine for the whole world.

I deeply believe that what happened was not by chance or coincidence, but that it was God who surprised us and showed us his love and loyalty with resounding power. That is why we want to celebrate this anniversary with deep gratitude and joy.


On Sunday, May 21st, we want to remember and relive that date. We want to thank God with the Eucharist and praise the Blessed Mother with a serenade. We want to conclude with a night of adoration to the Lord in different languages, where we want everyone from all corners of the world to join in.

Here you will find more details about the program for that day and the ways to participate and join in from wherever you are:

gift to the world


I believe that it is no coincidence that this celebration takes place a week before the feast of Pentecost.

Just as the gift of the resurrection is transformed into a mission for the disciples, I believe that the gift of the Shrine is also given to the entire Family in the form of a mission. This reality was what we wanted to express when, taking the words of Pope Francis, we spoke of a “Schoenstatt on the go” during the Covenant centenary.

Ten years later we want to renew our conviction that the Shrine, the Covenant, our spirituality are all a gift, not to be kept, but to be lived and shared with humility and joy.

May every Schoenstatter, wherever he may be, be able to say on May 22nd:

“Your Shrine, a gift for the world”


with your loved ones

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