sinodality amid war

Ukraine: Is synodality possible amid war?

The prelate, who was present at the European Continental Assembly in Prague, explains how the conflict has interrupted the journey…

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‘Celebrate Christmas with people of Ukraine in our hearts’

Pope Francis has called on everyone to "renew our closeness to the battered Ukrainian people" and to persevere in "prayer for these our…

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The joy of the Covenant of Love in concrete actions.

The Sisters of Mary opened the doors of the Pilgerhaus, in the original Schoenstatt, so that a group of Ukrainian refugees could stay in a…

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Ukraine Schönstatt

Afternoon get-together with Ukrainian refugees in the Schoenstatt Pilgrims’ House

About 30 children of all ages were in attendance and were delighted to be able to participate in an Easter egg hunt rally in the pilgrims'…

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where is our home

Solidarity amidst the horrors of war – where is our home?

A cruel war has been raging in Ukraine for weeks. Superhuman suffering, death, escaping, rape, torture, starvation, never-ending daily…

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Dorf im Einsatz

Kisszelmenc – a small town in action

Mali Selmentsi (Kisszelmenc in Hungarian). This Ukrainian village - where 90% of the inhabitants are of Hungarian descent - is forgotten by…

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Schoenstatt Centers in Poland need help for refugees from Ukraine

Fathers and Sisters open their doors In view of the catastrophic situation in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion, millions have sought…

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Schoenstatt öffnet Hä

Schoenstatt Opens Houses for Refugees from Ukraine

In the past weeks, deeply moved, we have been following the flight of many people from Ukraine. Meanwhile, our co-sisters and the…

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