Franz Reinisch – A Martyr of Our Time

Franz Reinisch He is the only Catholic priest executed during the time of the "Third Reich". As a decision over a matter of conscience, he…

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Pentecost Congress

Pentecost Congress: June 12 – Send Us Out from Here

The members of the reflection team worked hard into the night on Saturday preparing the final version of the memorandum. It would…

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June 11

Pentecost Congress: June 11 – Schoenstatt’s Charism and Calling

The fourth day of the Pentecost Congress dawned bright and clear, and everyone was glad of the morning coffee served before the first event…

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Pentecost Congress: June 10th – Schoenstatt and the Church

He stated that, when people talk about the church of the future, there are two main views: we want it to be like it was (radical…

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June 9th

Pentecost Congress: June 9th -Spotlight on Father Kentenich

The second day of the congress opened with a four-part look at the state of the cause for Father Kentenich. Doctor Gertrud Pollak…

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June 8th

Pentecost Congress: June 8th – Come Holy Spirit

The Pentecost Congress opened on June 8th at 11:00 am with holy Mass at the Original Shrine. It was an international Mass celebrated in…

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wertvolle Worte

Valuable words that Father Kentenich addressed to sick people

Father Kentenich's words to the sick To Sr. M Emilie: Try to live the attachment to suffering as a sense of holiness in daily life. Sister…

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Schoenstatt's contribution

Schoenstatt’s innovative contribution to Costa Rican politics

The Schoenstatt Movement in San José, Costa Rica, has given life to the formation of a group of lay people, committed Catholics who feel…

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Capital of grace

Capital of Grace and serious aspiration for holiness

The value of each sacrifice we offer to the Blessed Mother so that her graces may bear fruit from the Shrine Our place of grace -the…

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