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Apostolic Movement

The Schoenstatt Fathers’ mission in Punjab, India

“People who come to us to pray and to attend Holy Mass are at the beginning of their spiritual journey and formation. They even need to learn to make the sign of the cross and get acquainted with many basic Catholic prayers”. Let’s take a look at the work the Schoenstatt Fathers are doing in the state of Punjab in northern India

Argentina: 670 young people set out on mission

The youth are not standing still. 670 youth are missionaries of joy and hope in Argentina. Summer vacations are transformed into special moments of commitment and love during the missions, which take place simultaneously in different parts of the country, and in different projects.

Franz Reinisch – A Martyr of Our Time


This year (2022) we remember the anniversary of the death of Franz Reinisch 80 years ago. He was the only Catholic priest who refused to take the oath of loyalty to Hitler and was beheaded for this reason on August 21, 1942, in the Brandenburg-Görden penitentiary.

Pentecost Congress: June 12 – Send Us Out from Here

Pentecost Congress

The members of the reflection team worked hard into the night on Saturday preparing the final version of the memorandum. It would incorporate everything that the congress participants had been discussing for the past four days. Then Sunday, the feast of the Holy Trinity, began with the reading of the finalized memorandum. “You Are Our […]

Pentecost Congress: June 11 – Schoenstatt’s Charism and Calling

June 11

The fourth day of the Pentecost Congress dawned bright and clear, and everyone was glad of the morning coffee served before the first event of the day. Everyone could sense that this day would be the decisive day in the congress: the last day before the finalization of the memorandum. Youth Pentecost The first talk […]