May 31st Jubilee: What is the progress on the preparations?

With just over a month to go until the 75th anniversary of the III Schoenstatt Milestone, the activities around the Shrine of Bellavista are not stopping. The National Director of the Schoenstatt Movement in Chile, Fr. Gonzalo Illanes, shares with us details of the preparations for the Jubilee.

On this Covenant Day we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Home Shrine

“What is valid for the Original Shrine and for the Daughter Shrines, is also valid for the Home Shrines.” Today is a day of gratitude in which we remember the 60th anniversary of the Home Shrine. Since then, the Schoenstatt graces have traveled throughout the world, transforming the lives of countless families.

The Belgrano Shrine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, celebrates its 60th anniversary

“Heart of the City” of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Shrine of Belgrano – Mary’s Tabor – is 60 years old. “From the Shrine we want to courageously proclaim Mary’s name,” says the Schoenstatt Family. The article relates the history of Father Kentenich’s visit to the place where the Shrine is located today.