Brazilians in Atlanta (USA) renew the Covenant of Love every month

The Pilgrim Mother Apostolate crosses borders and unites Schoenstatt sons and daughters from all over the world. A concrete example is the…

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The Schoenstatt Family in Temuco, Chile, goes out on mission

The Schoenstatt Family in Temuco, in southern Chile, went on mission during the summer. Sent from their Shrine, six couples of the Family…

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little consecration

Do you know where the Little Consecration Prayer comes from?

In Schoenstatt, we are very accustomed to praying the Little Consecration Prayer. every day. On the 18th of each month, it is very…

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sellaron la Alianza

The Covenant of Love is a decision for our lives

Rangel Pereira Lima recounts, "When I learned about what the Covenant of Love with Mary means, I understood that this was what I wanted for…

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Business Sense

This is not the only time that the business world has experienced an existential void. The relentless pursuit of success causes many…

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October 18th: Mary’s first promise to the Schoenstatt Family

Renewal of the covenant of love (5pm - Germany time) Seeing that door open makes the heart beat faster and fills it with joy. The…

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celebración alianza de amor

Celebrating the day of the Covenant of Love internationally? Yes, and we can prepare for it all together….

108 years since the first Covenant of Love with Mary! On October 18th will be the 108th anniversary of the first Covenant of Love with Mary…

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La Alianza

The Covenant of Love – a gift in difficult times

Every 18th, the people who have sealed the Covenant of Love with the Mother Thrice Admirable and Queen of Schoenstatt (MTA) throughout the…

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Croatia: Fertile Ground for the Covenant of Love

Service at the Croatian National Shrine After two weeks of pastoral work at the Croatian National Shrine of Maria Bistrica, Father Horn was…

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Docile instruments in the hands of Mary

Docile instruments The word instrument derives from the Latin “instrumentum”, which means tool, garment; and from instruere: to arrange, to…

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