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Apostolic Movement

Pentecost Congress: Our time is now!

Sister M. Nilza P. da Silva

When one analyzes the reason for the success of an initiative, one always comes to the conclusion that it is the result of the right move at the right time. It is the result of the appropriate collaboration with God’s plan.

But how to recognize that moment when everything is so unpredictable? Leonardo Santos, a financial investment analyst, says that to safely acquire assets in the stock market, it is necessary to follow and understand the graph lines: “Whoever has the courage to invest only when the line is at its peak, will surely incur losses, because the ups and downs are part of the process.

This is the best time for the Pentecost Congress

God delineates the graph of history and our Mother is always the winner! The growth in history stems from a pandemic, which has dropped the graph line, but we believe that it is starting to bring the curve back to normal and starting to go up.

The war in Ukraine shows that evil persists, and that manipulation of information is a powerful weapon. There is an urgent need for authentic leaders to pursue “a Christian political agenda,” as Pope Francis calls for, and to carry it out with “the highest degree of charity.”

The anthropological crises that continually emerge and disappear provide us with the opportunity to offer many people reasons to believe. Artificial Intelligence shows us that machines will replace all that is mechanical and programmable, leaving behind all those who act like machines and singling out only those who seek to optimize our way of being human, strengthening bonds and developing mature attachments, namely those who give meaning to life and to things.

As a result of the accusations against our Founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, we have received from the Diocese of Treves, the reassurance that we are in a position to investigate autonomously and report the truth according to the facts. A spectacular opportunity to examine his charisma in depth and document it in certain specific areas.

The Spirit of God is in fact present and active

We need to move and collaborate even further so that the divine power that works in the charisma that we are called to carry out may raise, in time’ s graph, humanity’s acceptance and response to God’s love: Our mission is to help build a new society through the Covenant Culture.

Each participant of the Pentecost Congress was chosen as an exponent of the Schoenstatt life that is present in their country. We will gather to add and to multiply, leaving aside that which diminishes in the graph the true meaning of being a Family. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization): In the Covenant of Love with the Blessed Mother, rooted in the charisma of our Founder, placing our hand on the pulse of time and our ear to the heart of God. 

Internal attachments, openness to acceptance and dialogue, unity with Pope Francis and the whole Church, and the external connections aimed at the fulfillment of our worldwide mission, they all promote harmony and action.

Pentecost: Nothing was ever the same again

From then on, in history’s timeline, the course of Christianity took a surprising turn, it was almost impossible to distinguish one apostle from another, they lived in one heart, because they were all ablaze with love for Jesus, the living God, present and active. The meaning this gave to their lives was overflowing in the enthusiastic proclamation of Jesus everywhere. Objective: to assemble humanity into one family, as children of the Father, in Christ.

Like them, we prepared the Congress by gathering with Mary in prayer. Therefore, “a grand expression of gratitude can and should permeate our innermost being. In all that we have undertaken so far, it would seem that the Holy Spirit has been at work. This leads us to the conclusion that we may also expect this same Spirit to continue to guide us.”


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