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Participate in WYD 2023

By: Fr. Arkadiusz Sosna / Sr. M. Cacilda Becker

Participate in WYD 2023! World Youth Day will begin on August 1 in Lisbon, Portugal, where approximately 1,400 Schoenstatt youth from 20 countries are expected to participate. The days prior to this event, meetings have been organized between the Male and Female Youth, as well as a day of joint interaction between the two youths. In addition, the young people will make a pilgrimage to the Marian Sanctuary of Fatima.

To make all this possible, numerous volunteers, both youth and advisors, are involved both in their countries of origin and in Portugal. A group of about 400 young people, mostly from American countries, will make a pilgrimage to Schoenstatt during the week prior to the beginning of World Youth Day. There, they will participate in various activities that include visits to historical places in Schoenstatt, Gymnich and Dachau.

International Girls’ Youth Volunteer Group

On July 25, coinciding with the arrival of most of the groups in Schoenstatt, the youth will have a special moment of meeting with an international Mass and they will carry out a pilgrimage to the Original Shrine, where they will renew their covenant of love with the MTA. The Mass and the renewal of the Covenant will be broadcast live through the Schoenstatt International networks.

Our Youth is our future

Organization Team of the MTA Festival, in Fátima, Portugal

In order to ensure that these days are extraordinarily blessed for our young people, as well as for our Schoenstatt Family throughout the world, we wish to accompany you in a very special way in your last preparation in your country, during your trip, in your visit to Schoenstatt and during the days of World Youth Day in Portugal.

Next, we share some ideas and proposals to achieve it:

  • As dioceses and Schoenstatt Centers, offer contributions to the Capital of Grace to emulate the attitude of Mary, “who got up and left in a hurry…”, and thus serve; offer what it costs us during the day so that young people can find strength in moments of fatigue and difficulties.
  • Pray the rosary for our Holy Pope Francis, for the youth and all the people involved in the preparation and execution of World Youth Day.
  • Promote adoration hours with the youth with young people who accompany the journey from their homes.
  • Stay informed and actively participate in the WYD news through the social networks and web pages of your country and of Schoenstatt International, using the hashtag #schoenstatt.
  • Tune in to the live broadcasts on the Schoenstatt International networks (details will be published in due course)
  • Send Schoenstatt International photos and texts of the initiatives they carry out to accompany this special time for Schoenstatt and the Church through email: or WhatsApp at number 0049 157 8193 4602..

We are open to all the proposals and ideas you have to accompany WYD2023. United in prayer and commitment for the youth of our Schoenstatt Family, we greet you with affection.

Fr. Arkadiusz Sosna and Sr. M. Cacilda Becker


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