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Apostolic Movement

Message for Covenant of Love Day 2023

By: Schoenstatt International

Follow the message in video and, below, by text:

*Subtitles available in English on the video

We are here in the Original Shrine, the place of the Covenant, the place where, on October 18, 1914, a story of transformation of youthful hearts and transformation of society began.
We believe in the power of this Covenant, especially today. Especially for an era that is marked, unfortunately and time after time, by wars. Wars everywhere, lack of security. Wars even in our own country, in our own cities, wars in our own hearts.

But it is also a time when the Church looks to the future with hope. The time of the Synod. We believe that we are indeed called to build together, in Covenant, this Covenant culture, which is for us, the Schoenstatt Family, but which is for the whole world and for every society. To build together a better Church and a better world. This is what the Pope expects, the participation of all in the Synod and in the transformation of the Church and of our hearts.

So let us renew the Covenant of Love here in our Shrine. Let us commit ourselves with our Capital of Grace, with our contribution, giving to Mary all our intentions, but also all the efforts we undertake to make this world a better place.

In times of Synod, in times of war, in times of life’s struggle, for every single human being, we want to renew once again our Covenant of Love.

May we all be blessed from the Original Shrine!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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