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Marcelo Cervi appointed Rector of the International Center in Rome for another three years

By: Heinrich Brehm

Marcelo Cervi’s new term of office as Rector for the International Schoenstatt Center of Belmonte, will begin on January 20, 2023, while also beginning his new term of office on the General Council of the Institute, to which he was elected as a board member by the last General Congress held in August. “The Institute of Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests is deeply grateful for the generous gift given by the local Church of Jaboticabal through its Bishop to release a priest to serve the Institute, the entire Schoenstatt Movement and the universal Church,” Rector General Löhr told Bishop Eduardo.

Meeting of the representatives of the Italian Schoenstatt Family on October 22nd and 23rd in Belmonte

Rector Marcelo Cervi is looking forward with great expectation to the meeting of the representatives of the Italian Schoenstatt Family who will gather from different parts of Italy at the Schoenstatt Center of Belmonte on October 22 and 23.

The objective will be to work on a document that the Italian Schoenstatt Movement wants to submit as a contribution to the World Synod on Synodality. In addition, the decisions of the Pentecost Congress 2022 in Schoenstatt will be reflected upon and their meaning for the Schoenstatt Family in Italy will be discussed. Furthermore, the activities of the Schoenstatt Movement in Italy in the pastoral year 2022/2023, which has just begun, will be discussed, especially the main topic of the “Home Shrine“.

Novena for October 18th

Marcelo Cervi
Marcelo Cervi with the image of the Pilgrim Mother in St. Peter’s Square in Rome (Photo: private)

Cervi is happy that the Italian Schoenstatt Family is preparing for the celebration of Schoenstatt Founding Day on October 18 with a novena. For this, a booklet has been prepared with topics for reflection and some prayers, which deal with the subject of the crowning Our Blessed Mother. “Our Lady in the ‘Matri ecclesiae’ shrine will be receiving a crown in the Jubilee Year 2025 – the exact date has not yet been set,” Cervi said.

From various parts of Italy, he has received communications from groups “who pray the novena united spiritually with us.” He hopes that on October 18 the celebration of the Covenant of Love, as an essential characteristic of Schoenstatt’s spirituality, can be celebrated in Belmonte with a very high attendance. He warmly welcomes the pilgrimage of the members of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign of Tuscany scheduled for that day:


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