Commemorations of the 55th anniversary of Fr. Joseph Kentenich’s death

On September 15, 1968, in the early hours of that Sunday morning, on the feast of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, the founder of the Schoenstatt…

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Secretariado P. José Kentenich: gran alcance y cambio de gestión

Father Joseph Kentenich’s Secretariat: great outreach and change of directorship

Sr. M. Resia Käppeler, Sr. Gisela-Maria Mues (center) and Sr. M. Adele Gertsen (right) at the Fr. Joseph Kentenich Secretariat (Photo: Sr.…

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Fr. Kentenich

What is happening with Fr. Kentenich 54 years after his departure

Crosses in Fr. Kentenich's life In his homily, Fr. Aguirre began by alluding to the previous day's celebration, in which the Exaltation of…

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Father Joseph Kentenich

No other conclusion – Renewed investigation into allegations made by an American citizen against Father Kentenich.

On May 3, 2022, a press release from the Diocese of Trier announced that Bishop Dr. Stephan Ackermann would not actively pursue the…

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Joseph Kentenich Institute Workshop on the “Epistola Perlonga”

A provocative document The "Epistola Perlonga" is the letter in which Father Joseph Kentenich responded to the report that the Auxiliary…

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Schoenstatt family

Letter to the international Schoenstatt Family

Schoenstatt, May 4th 2022 "You are my letter of recommendation" (2 Cor 3:2)   Dear Schoenstatt Family, on May 3, 2022, the Diocese of…

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“Free and transparent research” needed

In an interview  with, Bishop Ackermann elaborated on his decision in the Causa Kentenich, which was announced in a press…

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Schoenstatt Movement

Official statement of the International Schoenstatt Movement

As the General Presidium of the International Schoenstatt Work, we acknowledge the decision of Bishop Dr. Stefan Ackermann to suspend the…

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Father Kentenich

Beatification process for Father Kentenich suspended

Trier/Vallendar - The beatification process for Father Joseph Kentenich has been suspended. At this time, Bishop Dr. Stephan Ackermann will…

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