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Invitation: Receiving the Tunic of Sion

On July 16, at 11:00 a.m., 16 novices from the Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers will receive the Tunic of Sion in the Church of Santa Maria de la Trinidad, in Tuparenda, Paraguay.

The ceremony will be transmitted through Tuparenda Shrine’s Facebook channel:

Father Gabriel Oberle, explains the meaning of the Tunic:

What is the meaning of the Tunic and receiving it publicly?

The tunic is the priestly vestment. With it we are clothed like Christ to serve others. In the case of the Community of the Schoenstatt Fathers, the tunic of Sion has had the same style for several years and it means that we are all part of the same community, forming the Holy City of Sion here on earth as brothers on this journey. When novices receive the tunic here in America, they join others who have received it throughout the world. To receive the tunic is to be clothed in Christ Himself, to let Him work through us.

When is the Tunic used?

It is used in liturgical occasions: masses, liturgies, and sacraments. Our Community is a Secular Institute, so our daily garment is the common priestly garb (not the religious habit of congregations, like the Benedictines, for example), but we wear the Tunic for liturgical occasions to resemble Christ.

What is the meaning of the cincture around the tunic?

The “cincture” represents our obedience and unity to the whole Church. We are part of a Community operating in the world, a Secular Institute. Nevertheless, we are closely united with our Catholic Church at all times and the cincture helps us to remember that our service is in unity with the Church and in dedication to our neighbor.

The Novices are:

Davi Vilarinho (Jaraguá, São Paulo/Brasil)

Fernando Rodrigues e Ricardo Ilhe (Londrina/PR/Brasil).

Agustin Eichenberger (Rosario/Argentina),

Alex Chunda (Texas/USA),

Daniel Rangel (San Luis/Mexico),

Felipe Suarez (Austin/USA),

Filip Kobiec (Miatzko/Polônia),

Francisco Ferreccio (Buenos Aires/Argentina),

Francisco Gigoux (Paine/Chile),

Jerónimo Juárez (Tucumán/Argentina),

Joaquín Peña (Santiago/Chile),

Julián Salas (Texas/USA),

Nicolás Iturriaga (Los Angeles/Chile),

Ramón Santoyo and Raymundo Cervantes (Querétaro/Mexico).

Let us pray for them!




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