Los padres y sus desafìos

Pope: Parents who face challenges for their children’s sake are heroes

The Special Year dedicated to Saint Joseph ended 8 December 2021, but Pope Francis’ attention and love for this Saint have not ended and…

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Family Aymerich

Family Aymerich: the moments of prayer, God makes our Mission fruitful».

Vatican - «The family does not consist only of husband and wife, children, because Jesus dwells in the marriage. The Lord lives in the…

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O pequeno Lucas

Young Lucas and his great deed

If after the birth of Jesus there were many children who suffered martyrdom because of his mission, today there are many more children who…

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Pope to

Pope to couples: God always with you in joys and difficulties of married life

The Church is celebrating the Amoris Laetitia Family Year in the runup to the World Meeting of Families set for 26 June 2022. As part of…

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Merry Christmas

Born of the Virgin Mary

So different! Yes, really! It is precisely through this holy night, Christmas Eve when Jesus Christ was born, when not only some things,…

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The family will save the world

Dr. Fritz Kühr and the Institute for Families With Father Kentenich and the collaboration of Dr. Fritz Kühr the Institute for Families was…

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Asserting life in an interview.

Interview with a woman who asserts life

We are talking about a young woman of the Schoenstatt Movement who has found her apostolate as someone who asserts life. She wishes to…

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When God creates new things, He seeks collaborators

A joyful and eager congregation gathered on the afternoon of September 18 in front of the Family Shrine, which was built 50 years ago by…

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The International Festival Encounter in Schoenstatt has finally returned

A festive international celebration in Schoenstatt On August 22, the International Festival Encounter was held. It is celebrated every year…

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Family Academy in Austria – A robust tree sprouts from a small plant

On July 16, 2021, the Austrian Family Academy held a thanksgiving and succession party at its center in Vienna's Kahlenberg. Thirty years…

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