The Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement in Chile has opened registration for those who wish to participate in the jubilee meeting that will take place in the Bellavista Shrine this year. The event is being held to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Third Schoenstatt Historical Milestone, which took place on May 31, 1949. See more information here.

Pilgrims from all over the world are invited to take part in this meeting, which takes place at the Cenacle Shrine in Bellavista. This place represents Father Joseph Kentenich’s significant step to expand Schoenstatt’s mission to the whole Church.


The event takes place from May 31 to June 2, 2024.

Friday, May 31st
11:00 – Pilgrimage from Inmaculada San Cristóbal to M. Montt (optional)
13:00 – Pilgrimage from M. Montt to Bellavista (optional)
16:30 – Eucharist: “The place you walk on is holy ground”.
19:00 – Vespers and Consecration to the Blessed Mother
20:00 – Dinner and family gathering

Saturday, June 1st
We open our hearts to understand better
9:15 – Introduction: We follow each other
9:45 – Impulse: The charism as a personal experience
12:45 – Lunch and family reunion
15:00 – Cenacle Workshop
17:00 – Eucharist: We drink from the same Spirit
18:00 – Procession and enthronement of the Unity Cross in the Shrine
20:00 – Festival: Grateful memory Salt and yeast

Sunday, June 2nd
We renew the Covenant to be his instruments.
9:00 – Greetings and memories of the previous day
9:30 – Impulse: Schoenstatt, today, here
11:15 – Sending Mass: You are the salt of the earth
12:30 – Covenant Renewal, procession and Angelus

Sign up

Registration is now open, with a special rate for young people. There are also guidelines and suggestions for accommodation on the website – places at the retreat house and those offered by members of the Movement are limited, so keep an eye out; you can also look for alternative forms of accommodation in hotels, hostels, and other options.

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Other information

On the new site, you can also find the preparation materials for the Jubilee, details about talks, the pilgrim’s kit, and much more.

To access the new website visit: