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An invitation to the youth: #YouOnMySide Initiative

By: Alicja Kostka

Joseph Engling is a source of inspiration for many young people. But how to prove it? The vice-postulator of Engling’s beatification process, Dr. Alicja Kostka, invites young people to collaborate in this important phase of the process.

A new Initiative is being launched to gather personal testimonies about Joseph Engling, which can be shared on social media under the hashtag #YouOnMySide or can also be sent by e-mail.

The Secretariat’s invitation

Time and again, we receive signs that Joseph is seen by young people as a companion and advocate. For example, we recently received a request from a seminarian in the Philippines for material in English to pray for Joseph Engling’s intercession. The seminarian also expressed his personal commitment: “I pray for his speedy beatification and canonization”.

These petitions, as well as the persistent question from Rome as to whether Joseph could become a role model for today’s young generation, prompted us to invite young people to participate in an Initiative in which they themselves testify whether they experience Joseph Engling in their lives and whether they are inspired by him and experience his help, and how they do so.

This is the project: #YouOnMySide:

Because you are on my side #YouOnMySide – using this hashtag, you are invited to share your personal testimony about Joseph Engling.

Joseph wanted to become “all things to all people” and gave his energy to the mission of Our Lady of Schoenstatt, so that from here he could help many people to experience the graces of sheltering, inner transformation, and apostolic fruitfulness. Many people have experienced his friendship through the power of the Covenant of Love. Even after his sacrificial death, he continues to be close to many people as a brother, intercessor, and companion.

Can you also experience his inspiring and healing closeness? The #YouOnMySide Initiative is an invitation and a place to talk about this.

Your testimony can be an important contribution to the beatification, a gesture of thanks to Engling and, at the same time, an invitation to other young people to welcome him into their lives.

Testimonies can be addressed to Alicja Kostka:


with your loved ones

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