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Apostolic Movement

The Schiffl Couple: Father Kentenich brought us closer to God

By: Susi Mitter

The Schiffl Couple did not get to meet Father Kentenich but heard a lot about him. “Kentenich became a fatherly friend to us, from whom we could also get advice. And each of his answers helped us greatly.”

Through their relationship with Father Kentenich, their relationship with God also changed: “We have a new and special relationship with him. God is no longer an avenging God or the judge, nor the one who hovers somewhere far away over us and sees if we always do everything right, but we have discovered a loving father, someone who really loves us, who loves us and who takes us by the hand on life’s journey.”

Spiritual childlikeness is what Father Kentenich himself calls for in his spirituality: To see God behind things, people and events, and to be able to truly marvel. Martin Schiffl recalls an anecdote with his grandson: “I had to stand next to him for a whole hour because a forklift was being used in the street to unload wood from a truck. I was freezing from the cold and he was amazed by what he saw. We can learn that sense of amazement from children. As adults, we are already so educated and enlightened that we have simply forgotten to wonder. This is our God and Father Kentenich brought this God to us in his pedagogy and in his teaching. He has changed our lives so much and we want to live it to the fullest.”

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