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Apostolic Movement

The Rigler couple describes how Father Kentenich’s pedagogy helped them

By: Susi Mitter

Martha and Martin Rigler, who are actively involved in the Schoenstatt Family Movement and in the marriage formation in their diocese, underwent a change of perspective through Father Kentenich: “The family is not only a closed space where faith can be lived within a safe environment, but Father Kentenich also sees families and married couples with the mission of bringing their gifts and richness to society, to the world.”

Pope Francis takes up this idea in the introductory letter to the Year of the Family: Families go out, they have an active role in pastoral ministry.

Martha and Martin Rigler affirm that they progressed in Schoenstatt because they were accepted, valued and because they were motivated in their efforts to advance their potential. They also want to pass this on to everyone with whom they share this: “We share it in our marriage seminars and it works quite well. We are aware that this is the key to seeing couples grow and trust them to work with it in their relationship.  We are very grateful to Father Kentenich for this”.



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