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The Eucharistic Congress in Budapest 2021: a truly profound experience.

By: Dr. Péter and Orsi Török, Sister Gertrud-Maria Erhard

Testimonies express the unique experiences.

“After the demanding choir rehearsals to prepare for the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, we were able to participate in the papal Mass with about 2,000 singers from 80 choirs,” reported the couple Erika and Péter.  “Just as the papal procession turned into the square, the song: You are Peter was played. The Mass songs were played by the orchestra and sung by the choir with such unity and passion that it was impossible for us to keep our eyes dry.”

“It was unique,” relates Fanni, a student in Budapest, when asked about her experience at the Eucharistic Congress. “I felt I was in the right place,” says Liána. “Radiant faces”, “feelings”, “His presence”, “miracles”, “An experience for life and for eternity”, is how other students put their memories of the congress into words.

In the Schoenstatt Movement a true current of adoration has burst forth with much dynamism and strength. It has become a good practice during the family days to meet for half an hour in adoration in the Shrine at the Schoenstatt Center before the morning and afternoon programs.  The experience has shown that couples who adore the Blessed Sacrament together grow in radiance and fruitfulness.


The Eucharistic Congress has awakened the enthusiasm of many and resonates together with a deep love for the Church and a sense of responsibility for it.

“We feel immense gratitude for what was possible here in Budapest and for being able to take part in it,” says couple Silvia and András. “It was wonderful to see so many people, all experiencing joy, hope and consolation in their lives through Jesus, and smiling happily, as a result. If only we could pass on this treasure! We have no words to describe what happened this week. God has shown us once again that nothing is impossible for Him.”


Marriage route in the light of the Eucharist

The spark was lit and a new “Marriage route in the light of the Eucharist” was born for the Eucharistic Congress. In preparation for the Congress, every two weeks something from the booklet used with the Eucharistic Marriage Route was sent to the entire distribution list of the Schoenstatt Movement and other sympathizers. The texts of the individual stations are based on Father Kentenich’s thoughts on marriage and the family and those of the popes as told by Father Beller for many years.

The new Marriage Route in the Light of the Eucharist shows how the different situations of a couple’s life and love are reflected in the Holy Mass. Here are some examples:

Communio – We experience a deep encounter and communion.

Confessio – We forgive each other.

Passio – Love can hurt.

Dominus vobiscum – God experienced in our midst.

Corpus Christi – We are a community.

Ite missa est – We have a mission.

Our experiences of the two sacraments reinforce each other and show us that both are inspired by the same divine love. Just as the Church lives and fulfills its mission through the Eucharist, the basic cell of the Church, the family, is nourished by the sacrament of marriage.

Schoenstatt contributed with its charism to the congress.

Budapest The Hungarian Schoenstatt Family was strongly represented at the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest in September 2021, thanks to many volunteers. At the Hungexpo on September 7, we were able to present the Eucharistic Marriage Route during one of the afternoon events. The 16 stations of the Marriage Route were present throughout the Congress with panels in English and Hungarian. We were also able to rent a pavilion at the Book Fair during the Congress. It was very well attended.

The Missionary Cross, which had toured Hungary during the two years of preparation for the Congress, was the centerpiece of the Congress. The two-meter-high cross was the work of  Schoenstatter Csaba Ozsvári, who died suddenly twelve years ago at the Schoenstatt shrine after a consecration Mass at the age of 46.

The altar cross and the chalice for the Pope’s Mass are also the work of Csaba Ozsvári. The Hungarian Church leadership presented Csaba’s work to the Holy Father.

Great spiritual experience in Budapest

The whole week of the Congress was a great spiritual experience for the participants. Many catechesis and testimonies were shared. János Áder, President of the Republic of Hungary, also gave a speech. One of the highlights of the week was the parade of 200,000 people through the center of Budapest. The Congress ended with a Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis.

One of Father Tilmann Beller’s prophetic messages was that in the sacrament of Marriage the Triune God is present. Therefore, it deserves love, respect, and admiration. To recognize it,  proclaim it, be witnesses to it, develop it and disseminate this vocation, research it, represent it in the Church and open this source of grace is one of the tasks of the Schoenstatt Family in Hungary.




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