Will the youth of Brazil make it to World Youth Day? Let’s see what happened

In 2023, thousands of young people are preparing their hearts to experience World Youth Day -WYD- which will take place in Lisbon,…

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An Experience of Family

At times life overwhelms us! This was my experience during the second week of January. The Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth were due to have a Mini…

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The Schoenstatt Family in Temuco, Chile, goes out on mission

The Schoenstatt Family in Temuco, in southern Chile, went on mission during the summer. Sent from their Shrine, six couples of the Family…

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Life within Schoenstatt after the Schoenstatt Boys’ and Girls’ Youth Branches

Youth is undoubtedly one of the phases of life in which getting to know Schoenstatt and allowing oneself to be inspired by the great ideals…

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