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Apostolic Movement

NOVENA – October 18 – Day 2

Follow the novena for Covenant Day. Today, October 10, we are on the second day. Download the material so you can pray from home.

NOVENA – October 18th – Day 1

The novena begins today, the 9th, in the Original Schoenstatt Shrine, and will be broadcast live. You are invited to take part. Download the prayers here to follow along or to pray at home.

Schoenstatt Together – with the Church, with the Pope, for the Synod

We have an invitation for the entire Schoenstatt Family: Shall we pray together for the Synod? United with the whole Church and Pope Francis, we will have a special moment in Schoenstatt’s Original Shrine on September 30th. You are also encouraged to join your group in your country for a moment of prayer.

Fr. Ignacio Camacho, new rector of the Original Shrine

nuevo rector

Father Ignacio Camacho, a Chilean from the Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers, was appointed to this task by the Bishop of the Diocese of Trier, Monsignor Stephan Ackermann. He will be responsible for the pastoral and administrative life of Schoenstatt’s international center, its Original Shrine, for the next three years.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of America

Every Mexican is a Guadalupano, every latino is a Guadalupano and that is because she, the Empress of America has chosen us as her people, her nation, her continent…