SEPTEMBER | For the abolition of the death penalty

Each day, there is a growing “NO” to the death penalty around the world. For the Church, this is a sign of hope. From a legal point of…

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tercer fin

The Universal Apostolic Confederation – Schoenstatt’s third goal – put into practice.

"The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour until all of it was leavened." (Mt……

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Die Aufnahme

Asumption of Mary into Heaven – And the Heavens burst into song…

And the Heavens burst into song...  “And the Heavens burst into song; the angels with joy sang along. Creation was silent with awe for God…

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Pope at Angelus: ‘Fear not but be vigilant’

Greeting pilgrims on a hot and humid August Sunday, Pope Francis spoke about the Gospel reading in today's liturgy that recalls when Jesus…

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AUGUST | For Small Businesses

As a consequence of the pandemic and the wars, the world is facing a grave socio-economic crisis. We still don’t realize it! And among…

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JULY | For the Elderly

We cannot speak about family without talking about the importance of the elderly among us. JULY 2020 - There have never been so many of us…

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Pentecost Congress

Pentecost Congress: June 12 – Send Us Out from Here

The members of the reflection team worked hard into the night on Saturday preparing the final version of the memorandum. It would…

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Ein geschwisterlicher Brief an die internationale Schönstattfamilie

Document of the International Pentecost Congress is now available in its official translations

The International Pentecost Congress, which took place in Schoenstatt, Vallendar from June 8 to 12, summarized its reflections in a letter:…

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Corpus Christi: “Give of yourselves like Jesus did”

Presiding at Holy Mass on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Archpriest of the Basilica, Cardinal Mauro Gambetti,…

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June 11

Pentecost Congress: June 11 – Schoenstatt’s Charism and Calling

The fourth day of the Pentecost Congress dawned bright and clear, and everyone was glad of the morning coffee served before the first event…

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