sinodality amid war

Ukraine: Is synodality possible amid war?

The prelate, who was present at the European Continental Assembly in Prague, explains how the conflict has interrupted the journey…

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Continental Synodal Assembly for the Middle East opens in Lebanon

  The meeting was officially opened on Monday, 13 February, by Father Khalid Alwan, General Secretary of the Council of Catholic…

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Pope decries conflicts and economic colonialism in DR Congo

  In his first speech upon his arrival to the Democratic Republic of Congo, on Tuesday, Pope Francis decried the conflicts that…

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Arranca en febrero

Synod: second on-line course on synodality to start in February

As the 2021-2024 Synod on synodality continues through the Continental Stage, Latin American Members of the Theological Commission of the…

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JANUARY | For educators

I would like to propose that educators add new content to their teaching: fraternity. Education is an act of love that illuminates the path…

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emertierter Papst

Words on the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

With the entire universal Church, the International Schoenstatt Movement mourns the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. We thank the…

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Our Lady of Guadalupe, Empress of America

The Blessed Virgin Mary, in her apparition as the Virgin of Guadalupe, appeared not only to the Mexicans in 1531, but also to all of…

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Mary Immaculate: Nature and Grace in Harmonious Unity

Mary, full of grace - Part 1 Mary appears before us as the person conceived without original sin, who is "full of grace" from the first…

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DECEMBER | For volunteer not-for-profit organizations

The world needs volunteers and organizations committed to seeking the common good. Yes, this is a word that many today would like to erase:…

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In a prominently orthodox country, tiny Schoenstatt with a mission to integrate

Russia's current war against Ukraine has drawn our attention to the countries of Eastern Europe. For Pope John Paul II, who came from…

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