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Apostolic Movement

International Congress of the Family Work CIOF Paraguay 2023

By: Schoenstatt Paraguay

The CIOF serves as a forum for linking the different communities (League, Federation, and Institute) of the Schoenstatt Family Work, whose objective is to reflect on and exchange experiences, formation material, projects and apostolates, in order to gather criteria and inspire, based on the spirituality of Father Joseph Kentenich, a Marian pedagogy of marriage and family that proposes lines of action in response to the challenges of the times.

The Objectives of CIOF Paraguay 2023


– To promote an experience of a warm and family-like personal and life encounter of the different communities of the Continental Family Work, thus strengthening the bonds from the heart of America.

– To generate concrete proposals in response to the challenges of our time, based on the identification of the realities of marriage, the family and society, and on a self-critical look as Family Work.

– In the strength of the Covenant of Love, to give Father Kentenich’s charism to the Church and the world, as missionary leaders who forge holy families.



The driving force of the family is a decisive faith in Divine Providence and in the Covenant of Love, which prompts us to walk with confidence in the present and toward a future with hope.


From the heart of America, Paraguay, the CIOF seeks to strengthen the international bonds and to ensure the values of a family living in solidarity.


Inserted in the world, families have the mission to serve and reach out to the Church of the new shores.


In the logo of the congress, the slogan that accompanied its design was: “to renew families in the light of the Schoenstatt spirituality”

The Family: represented by father, mother, child.

The Shrine: where the source of graces comes from.

The Heart: the family represented with an embrace, under the attentive gaze of the Father who loves us so deeply.

For the world: from wherever we are, we must radiate graces to the world.




May 4   Inaugural ceremony with the opening Mass of the Congress.

May 5   Emphasis: Marian Family, Home for the World. Conferences, workshops, and panels.

May 6   Emphasis: It is time for the laity. COR UNUM IN PATRE. Conferences, workshops, and panels. Apostolates. Apostolate Expo.

May 7 Meeting for Communities General Conclusions.

Closing Mass

We will have the opportunity to share more than 25 Workshops, 3 conferences, 2 panels and testimonials, prepared by couples and advisors from the different participating countries. The contents of these workshops will be available on the website.

The Organizing Team and the Schoenstatt Family of Paraguay, from the warm heart of America, awaits all the participants with great joy and affection!

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