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Apostolic Movement

Father Kentenich Today – a series of videos

By: Susi Mitter | Martin Schiffl


“Father Kentenich today” – Schoenstatt Families from Austria, Schoenstatt Fathers and Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary gave testimony of their bond with Fr. Kentenich.

It is clear for all interviewees: Father Kentenich showed a way to a life in fullness through his exemplary life, his pedagogy, and his spirituality.

However, Father Kentenich was exposed to hostility throughout his life. He was even sent into exile by the Church, and now, 50 years after his death, there are still defamations against him.

He can no longer defend himself or take a stand against the accusations. Today, those who are convinced of his values, his personality, and his charisma, can give a boost to his mission, just as it has been done with these videos.

Here are the words of people who are indebted to him and who were able to grow through their encounters with him.


Enjoy watching the videos!



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