a cruz

A transfigured and glorious life must first experience the cross

It is common on many trips for drivers to be guided by GPS directions. With a device or an application, it is possible to plan the…

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meaning of life

Fr. Joseph Kentenich and the meaning of life

Viktor Frankl was an Austrian psychiatrist, who described - in the book "In Search of Meaning" - his experiences in the Nazi concentration…

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Highlights of the Encounter with Father Kentenich

Sister M. Eileen was born in Milwaukee; her father was a native of northern Germany and at the age of 17 emigrated to the U.S. Her mother…

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Visit to the Dachau concentration camp reliving Father Kentenich’s self-giving

Representing the international Schoenstatt Movement, some 30 people from the Federation, the League and the Pilgrims' Movement went to the…

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The Blessed Mother will take care of it! Let us be miracles of trust.

We celebrate the birthday of Father Joseph Kentenich, our Father and Founder. What does his life and his birth mean to us, and what does it…

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Fr. Kentenich

What is happening with Fr. Kentenich 54 years after his departure

Crosses in Fr. Kentenich's life In his homily, Fr. Aguirre began by alluding to the previous day's celebration, in which the Exaltation of…

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Father Joseph Kentenich

No other conclusion – Renewed investigation into allegations made by an American citizen against Father Kentenich.

On May 3, 2022, a press release from the Diocese of Trier announced that Bishop Dr. Stephan Ackermann would not actively pursue the…

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Padre Kentenich a la llegada

Father Joseph Kentenich: 75 years of his arrival in Uruguay

The world’ s First Daughter Shrine prepares to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the arrival of Schoenstatt's Founder. Upon his release…

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Schoenstatt family

Letter to the international Schoenstatt Family

Schoenstatt, May 4th 2022 "You are my letter of recommendation" (2 Cor 3:2)   Dear Schoenstatt Family, on May 3, 2022, the Diocese of…

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“Free and transparent research” needed

In an interview  with katholisch.de, Bishop Ackermann elaborated on his decision in the Causa Kentenich, which was announced in a press…

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