station Zurich

Sisters of Mary at the train station in Zurich

Eighteen religious orders and Church communities participated in the "Monastery Market" initiative at the Zurich Central Station on May 5th…

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The Archdiocese of Vienna announces the Mass for Families in St. Stephen’s Cathedral, organized by the Schoenstatt Family Work

Christian families are providing a powerful demonstration. On May 1st at 12:00 noon, Christian families from all over Europe will…

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Synodality, Federative Character… Simplicity

However, after a short time (as happened to the community of the apostles called together by Jesus himself), tensions and differences, the…

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Ave Maria

What is the origin of the Hail Mary prayer?

The Hail Mary is one of the prayers that best combines humbleness and trust "First of all, prayer must be humble." This is what the book…

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No to water wars, abuse and waste

22 March marks World Water Day, an annual observance that celebrates this primary need and raises awareness of the 2 billion people living…

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pontificado do papa

10 years of Pope Francis’ papacy

It was 2013 and the Church was in turmoil due to the election of a new Pope. The Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio was among the candidates,…

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novo reitor do santuário

Fr. Ignacio Camacho, new rector of the Original Shrine

The Schoenstatt Family and the pilgrims welcome a new rector of the Original Shrine. Father Ignacio Camacho, a Chilean from the Secular…

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sinodality amid war

Ukraine: Is synodality possible amid war?

The prelate, who was present at the European Continental Assembly in Prague, explains how the conflict has interrupted the journey…

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Participants at Congress for a synodal church

Europe gathers in Prague for the continental phase of the Synod

Among the 390 people who participated online and the 200 people on site, Maria Pelz, from the international leadership of the Schoenstatt…

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Continental Synodal Assembly for the Middle East opens in Lebanon

  The meeting was officially opened on Monday, 13 February, by Father Khalid Alwan, General Secretary of the Council of Catholic…

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