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Argentina celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the blessing of its National Shrine

Sr. María Sol

The Shrine of Florencio Varela, called the Shrine of the Father, celebrates a special jubilee. New Schoenstatt, this emblematic Shrine in the history of Schoenstatt Argentina, is preparing to celebrate 70 years since Father Joseph Kentenich himself blessed it.

Festive Mass:

This event will take place this coming Thursday, January 20th at 7:00 p.m. with a festive Mass that will be presided by Father Guillermo Carmona from the Quilmes Diocese and other priests including Father Christian Löhr, Superior General of the Institute of Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests from Germany. On the eve of this great day, at 9:30 p.m., there will be a vigil open to the public, preceded by different activities to relive the incredible love story between Mary and her children – especially her son Joseph Kentenich – in this place of pilgrimage and of graces.

Many people hold a strong attachment to this shrine. Here great decisions have been made in the history of Schoenstatt international, also in Argentinean Schoenstatt, and in the personal lives of thousands of pilgrims from Argentina and beyond.

Preparing ourselves since May 2021

In order to prevent external circumstances from slowing down the current of life that this Shrine has generated throughout its 70 years – and that continues to bear fruit even to this day- we have been preparing our hearts for this great celebration since May 2021, when we began a series of talks about the 70 years of the National Shrine that were offered by the House of the Father online, destined to keep the current of the 70 years alive throughout the months that went by. In this way, we went deeper into the mission of the Shrine in this decisive time that we are living as Schoenstatt Family.

Network of graces

Among the fruits of the Shrine, we wanted to highlight the Network of Daughter Shrines and Wayside Shrines that emerged throughout these 70 years all over our country. Furthermore, the founding of the Communities of the Schoenstatt Work, the launching of the Rosary Campaign on an international level and the emergence of so many apostolic activities are other fruits that will have a leading role during the main Mass that will be celebrated by Father Guillermo Carmona.

On-site and virtual celebration

Due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, from the very beginning we thought of a celebration that could be held in person and virtually. This reality also motivated us to make the Shrine accessible through the social networks, where we will be sharing the activities and experiences that will take place in New Schoenstatt.

Besides, a group of pilgrims will be able to stay overnight in this place of grace during the three days, which will begin on January 18. Perhaps for them it will be the first time in their lives that they will be able to experience January 20th in the National Shrine, reliving our Father and Founder’s experience in this very important milestone in Schoenstatt’s history.

With the celebration of the 70th anniversary of its blessing, the Shrine will open the pilgrimage year inviting everyone who wants to visit, to go on pilgrimage in small groups, as circumstances permit.

Live Transmission

The following celebrations will be transmitted live on the Youtube channel “Schoenstatt Argentina”, -the times shown correspond to Argentina-:

Tuesday, January 18

7:00 pm: Holy Mass

Wednesday, January 19

7:00 pm: Holy Mass

9:30 pm: Vigil

Thursday, January 20

7:00pm: Holy Mass




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