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Apostolic Movement

A glimmer of light for the low-income families of Guayaquil

By: Carlos Cifuentes and Maria Isabel Delgado

How much time do we dedicate to self-education in order to gain the knowledge we need to face the issues that have arisen about the life and work of Father Joseph Kentenich?

How committed are we to this synodality to which we are called as a movement and as a Church?

Are we just patiently waiting for the signs of the times, or are we lacking the courage to realize that the change begins with us, who also happen to be the Church?

glimmer of light

We are Carlos Cifuentes and Maria Isabel Delgado, a married couple, both physicians. Carlos is a gastroenterologist and Maria Isabel is an oncologist. We have been deeply influenced by the unique and special message we have received, which has certainly touched our lives and has called us to ask ourselves these questions.

They were prompted by the Schoenstatt charism, and after having participated in the National Leaders’ Conference 2022, in which the topics discussed at the Pentecost Congress were revived: the importance of youth participation, topics about the person of our Father and Founder, and the letter with the commitments sealed at the end of the event.

Self-education is our marriage program

By the grace of God and of our Queen and Victress Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt, we feel in our hearts that, in spite of our busy schedules and our professions, we have dedicated time to our self-education and we have planned, as a couple, to acquire as much knowledge as possible so that we will not be caught by surprise with questions regarding the life of our Father and Founder, but we wish to go much further.

glimmer of light

We can contribute to the great work of Schoenstatt, primarily by recognizing within ourselves, that the evolution that we have had as human beings and as committed Catholics and above all, from our Covenant of Love, is strongly linked to the synodality to which we are called as a consecrated couple. This has been possible thanks to the pedagogy and charism imprinted by Father Kentenich in the work of Schoenstatt.

And what better example than through the apostolic mission, that wonderful grace that allows us to contemplate our Lord Jesus Christ in the face of the most needy, and allows us to become servants, thus bringing hope and the message of love during Christmas.

Sharing as a family with those who live from day to day

On December 4 we participated with several collaborators and members of the Schoenstatt circles in a feast for low-income families in Guayaquil, bringing a glimmer of light and hope to those who are not lacking in faith, but who live from day to day, who suffer at home the lack of adequate nutrition, work, or neglect.

We decided to go as a family. We wanted our 9- and 13-year-old children, who are already part of the large Schoenstatt family, to be able to experience the reality of inequality in society, and to sow in them the seed of solidarity.

Organizing the event was hard work and very elaborate. The volunteers participated unconditionally and the good-hearted people who made their donations made possible the joyful and peaceful faces we saw in those families who were present. On this day all the families and volunteers forgot about our routines, social conflicts, personal and family concerns. We simply experienced the peace that comes from sharing and receiving in a sincere and simple way.

The satisfaction of giving is the essence of what we are

rayo de luz

Children and adults accompanied the songs clapping in rhythm and with voices full of happiness, listening attentively and with great tenderness during the presentation of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. There was great excitement that filled the hearts with happiness when everyone had their pictures taken with the living nativity scene. The joy of sharing was contagious for all those present.

After this wonderful journey, in which we all helped in different ways, we were tired, but this did not diminish our desire to carry on, because after all, we need to take the first step to walk on the road to which we are called as Schoenstatters.

You have to experience these moments to feel that immense happiness that cannot be found in the comfort of your work, in your environment, or in your personal life, always remembering that we are called to holiness, which can only be achieved through our inner transformation and our dedication to others.

rayo de luz



with your loved ones

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