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Apostolic Movement

A Sister of Mary in theology’s halls of power

For centuries, men have predominantly overseen the academic domain of theology and key committees in the Church, but women have an essential role to play. Sr. M. Isabell Naumann, Schoenstatt Sister of Mary, shares insights on her journey as a woman in various leadership roles within the Church.

Being a woman in a masculinized enviroment: Essence vs. caricature

The mission of being a woman is a gift in every situation, even in typically masculine environments. Brazilian police officer Joelma Melo, who works in a police station in Rio de Janeiro, reflects on the challenge of being a woman in a masculinized environment, while preserving her feminine values.

Consecrated life has to do with saying YES in our everyday life

This February 2nd we give thanks to God for all consecrated individuals. On this date we also remember the founding of the Secular Institute of Our Lady of Schoenstatt in 1946. Mrs. Carminho Sarmento, who recently sealed her perpetual consecration in the Community, shares her testimony with us.

9 young women declare their “yes” in the community of the Sisters of Mary

Nine young women left their home and homeland to become part of a new home. They come from six different countries, and this Saturday they will receive the dress of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. Their wish is expressed in this phrase: “Mary, make us likenesses of your image”. It is possible to participate live in the ceremony through the Youtube channel.

The challenge of being a Woman

challenge of being a woman today

Schoenstatt constantly poses how to apply the principles of the Movement and F. Kentenich’s vision regarding specific topics in current times. It is not about repeating phrases, but rather about prophetically analyzing the application of principles and values to our times, so that we may have an answer to our temporal reality.