Red Wednesday

Red Wednesday – Prayer for threatened, persecuted and discriminated Christians

Religious freedom is severely violated in 62 out of 196 countries, home to more than 5 billion people. Worldwide, more than 340 million…

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Juntos pela Europa

A new mission for Europe

Annual exchange of lived-out experiences From the 11th till the 13th November 2022, the Friends of TfE gathered in Porto, Portugal, for…

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Jesus Moves

Jesus Moves in Here

First Attempts at Pastoral Ministry in the City “This is the first time in my life that I am talking to a nun!” said an employee of the…

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Business Sense

This is not the only time that the business world has experienced an existential void. The relentless pursuit of success causes many…

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Parolin at COP 27: Hunger, conflict, climate and inequality “all interconnected”

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Secretary of State of the Holy See, on Tuesday addressed roundtables on food and water security at COP27, the…

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Father’s pedagogy at the International Meeting of the Network of Kentenich Schools

The KPM (Kentenich Pedagogical Model) as a response to the needs of our time On October 10, the long-awaited reunion after the pandemic…

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Dr. Patricio Ventura-Juncá

Dr. Patricio Ventura-Juncá receives important recognition from the Vatican

The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum -PARA-, announces that on November 4, the Faculty of Bioethics of said Athenaeum "in…

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La carta

Vatican global premiere of ‘The Letter’, featuring Pope Francis

The Letter The global premiere of 'The Letter' film, with the participation of Pope Francis, took place on Tuesday in the Vatican's New…

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Pope at Audience: Canada, a penitential visit ‘like no other’

Pope Francis resumed his weekly Wednesday General Audiences on Wednesday, after his annual summer break, and dedicated this week's…

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AUGUST | For Small Businesses

As a consequence of the pandemic and the wars, the world is facing a grave socio-economic crisis. We still don’t realize it! And among…

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