The International Community of Entrepreneurs and Leaders of Schoenstatt (CIEES) held its VII International Congress in Samborondón, Ecuador. Under the motto “Managers of Hope”, the event took place at the Conference Center of the University of the Holy Spirit (UEES) and was attended by outstanding national and international speakers.

To bring God concretely into the working world and business world with the tools that Schoenstatt’s pedagogy provides, is the mission that unites this large international community from 13 countries.

Hugs, joy and numerous testimonies with concrete examples of companies and organizations where tools such as the personal ideal and the cultivation of bonds are already being applied, were the tenor of this congress after years of just a few meetings because of the pandemic.

Hot topics: for the practical life of companies

Eduardo Jurado explained, among other things, his vision of how to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the business world. Andrés Ruzo spoke about the concept of “Human iOS” and how it can be applied to business management and decision-making. Richard Peet discussed the importance of a free market with strong values.

Maria Alejandra Muñoz also contributed perspectives on integrity in business. Alberto Dahik shared his knowledge on how to make a positive impact on society. And Carlos Abogabir spoke about how companies can advance social development and sustainability. Inés Manzano presented strategies to promote sustainability in organizations.

Francisco Contardo, who has served as President of CIEES International for the past two years, thanked Bernardo Borja, who has assumed responsibility for the next two years, and took stock of the initiatives carried out during this period, which include the online conferences held twice a year, the consolidation of material for work in corporate communications and companies, and a series of testimonies in audio podcasts.

“What I liked about the congress – apart from the tools that are not only valid for Schoenstatters and Catholics, but can be applied by everyone in all kinds of enterprises – was the atmosphere that prevailed there, the embrace and laughter with so many friends from different countries united by this mission. Now I will return to work with renewed energy,” said Ernesto Amador who enthusiastically participated in the three days of the congress.

The meeting was concluded with the approval and reading of a manifesto with concrete commitments, which we publish in full on


Manager of sustainable hope achieved through faith and trust in God.

At the VII the International CIEES Congress, Schoenstatt businessmen and leaders from around the world met to explore the deep connection between spirituality and the business world. During the three intense days, we shared experiences, knowledge and reflections that strengthened our mission as Managers of Hope.

We have learned that it is not only possible but even essential to bring the essence of Schoenstatt into the work. Father Joseph Kentenich’s message has inspired us to transform our companies into agents of positive change, where ethics, solidarity and faith guide our decisions and actions.

This manifesto reflects our commitment to:

1. Promote business ethics: We know that integrity and honesty are fundamental to the sustainable success of our businesses. We are committed to fostering a corporate culture based on ethical values and principles.

2. Encourage conscious leadership: We advocate leadership that serves and empowers others. We strive to lead our companies with compassion, empathy and a sense of responsibility, creating an environment where everyone can realize their full potential that corresponds to their personal ideal or goal.

3. Promote sustainability: We are aware that our actions have an impact on our “common house”. We strive for responsible business and production practices that protect the environment and improve the quality of life in the regions and communities in which we operate.

4. Build bridges and work together: We recognize that we are stronger together. We are committed to actively collaborate with each other and with other sectors of society to address today’s challenges.

5. Make decisions inspired by Divine Providence: We understand that it is not always necessary to change laws or rules, but that we can also adapt to the situations in which we live. We want to respect divine inspiration, and it is our responsibility to accept, understand and trust Divine Providence to show us the way.

6. Be managers of hope: We take on the responsibility of be agents of hope in our workplaces and businesses, to inspire others to join this cause, and to show that it is possible to successfully unite spirituality and the business world. We see ourselves as agents of change who focus on the positive and what unites us.

7. Continue the journey: This congress marks the beginning of a new chapter in our mission. We are committed to continue to learn, grow and share our experiences to strengthen the CIEES community and bring the light of God to more corners of the business world through Schoenstatt’s pedagogy.

Father Kentenich’s legacy calls us to become agents of change, managers of hope, and to continue building an ethical, sustainable, people-centered and closer business world.

Let us stand together for this noble cause and carry the flame of the covenant into our companies and into the whole world!

Managers of hope, trusting in the future that God has prepared for us, and hand in hand with Mary, let us continue to move forward in building the Marian Kingdom in our countries!

VII International CIEES Congress
November 18, 2023
Samborondon, Ecuador

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