Being a game-changer for something great that can change the world

Since the second decade of the XXI century, we are experiencing something like the time of young women. They are committed to something…

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Reinischnacht in Kirchmöser

Every year, Schoenstatt men visit the prison where Franz Reinisch was executed

Night has fallen and a deep darkness has settled over the countryside and the Havel lakes around Kirchmöser. A group of men are standing on…

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Franz Reinisch – Torch of Love and Peace

August 21, 2023, marks the 81st anniversary of the death of Father Franz Reinisch SAC. His decision to refuse to swear allegiance to Hitler…

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Facts and interesting details about the life of Blessed Karl Leisner

On August 12, the date of his death, the Church celebrates the memory of Blessed Father Karl Leisner, a member of the Schoenstatt Movement.…

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a cruz

A transfigured and glorious life must first experience the cross

It is common on many trips for drivers to be guided by GPS directions. With a device or an application, it is possible to plan the…

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Neue Fragen

The house where Joseph Engling was born recreates history for visitors

A new edition of the "Engling Info" was published on December 8th. In it, Dr. Alicja Kostka, vice-postulator of the process of Joseph…

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Emilie Engel

Sister Emilie Engel: I want to become a miracle of confidence

In the course of her life, Sister M. Emilie reached an extraordinarily high degree of maturity as a human being. In the structure of her…

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P. Eise

Anniversary of the death of Father Albert Eise SAC

On the 80th anniversary of the death of Father Albert Eise in the Dachau concentration camp, pilgrims gathered at the camp to remember him…

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Father Franz Reinisch is an example for the youth who seek to be faithful to their conscience.

We share below the text of the 4-minute video with remarks by Norbert Reinisch, grandnephew of Father Franz Renisch, about his……

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Gedenkfeier, anniversary

80th anniversary of the death of Father Franz Reinisch – Testimony of a life that has an impact.

Cathedral ChaplainMartin Emge The Franz Reinisch Forum invited all interested individuals to the Pilgrims' House and to the Pallotti Church…

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