novicios de los Padres de Schoenstatt

Sixteen novices received their tunics in Paraguay

On Saturday, July 16, sixteen novices received the Tunic of Sion, a formal ceremony in which those who want to be formed to become…

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Marco Calzada

Costa Rica shocked with the death of Marco Calzada, member of the Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth

On July 2, 2022 Marco Calzada Valverde, an enthusiastic member of the Schoenstatt Boys' Youth, was murdered in Costa Rica. Their was a…

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Four New Schoenstatt Fathers in Nigeria

The 1963 statement of Fr. Kentenich seems to capture the event of the 25th of June, 2022. All roads led to the Schoenstatt Fathers…

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Encuentro de las familias

Tenth World Meeting of Families: Marriage is both difficult and precious.

The Tenth World Meeting of Families was hosted in dioceses all over the world, in a very reduced format due to the Covid pandemic, with the…

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Voices about the Pentecost Congress 2022

You can also read:

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The World Meeting of Families at a Schoenstatt Shrine in Germany

World Meeting of Families in Liebfrauenhöhe. The 10th World Meeting of Families convened by Pope Francis will take place from June 22-26,…

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The central value for the Movement in Germany: “Together, attuned to the voice of God”.

Through a dynamic process, skillfully moderated by Verena and Stefan Gross, the "central value" was elaborated on the second morning of the…

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João Pozzobon

John Pozzobon: new secretariat in Costa Rica promotes his cause for beatification

With joy and gratitude we share with the International Schoenstatt Family that John Pozzobon's Pastoral Secretariat in Costa Rica was…

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Schoenstatt in Ecuador

Schoenstatt in Ecuador celebrates the Golden Jubilee of its first Shrine

 The Schoenstatt Family in Ecuador has prepared the Jubilee for the 50th anniversary of its National Shrine with countless offerings and…

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Schoenstatt's contribution

Schoenstatt’s innovative contribution to Costa Rican politics

The Schoenstatt Movement in San José, Costa Rica, has given life to the formation of a group of lay people, committed Catholics who feel…

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