New dates

New dates for the Synod on Synodality

Original text: ITALIAN This morning, at the end of the Sunday Angelus, the Holy Father announced that the upcoming 16th Ordinary General…

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Santuario Schoenstatt

70 years since the first Schoenstatt Shrine in Argentina, and the Pope did not want to miss it!

The year 2022 is a jubilee year for Schoenstatt Argentina, because it celebrates the 70th anniversary of the day Father Kentenich blessed…

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La carta

Vatican global premiere of ‘The Letter’, featuring Pope Francis

The Letter The global premiere of 'The Letter' film, with the participation of Pope Francis, took place on Tuesday in the Vatican's New…

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OCTOBER | For a Church open to everyone

What does it mean “to synod”? It means walking together: syn-od. This is what it means in Greek: “to walk together” and to walk on the same…

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Witnesses to the wonders the Lord is working

Witnesses to the wonders the Lord is working Press release at the end of the meeting to draft the Document for the Continental Stage of the…

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Pope at Eucharistic Congress: Bread must be shared on the table of the world

Pope Francis invited Christians to “return to the taste of bread to remember that while this earthly existence of ours is being consumed,…

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SEPTEMBER | For the abolition of the death penalty

Each day, there is a growing “NO” to the death penalty around the world. For the Church, this is a sign of hope. From a legal point of…

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Pope at Angelus: ‘Fear not but be vigilant’

Greeting pilgrims on a hot and humid August Sunday, Pope Francis spoke about the Gospel reading in today's liturgy that recalls when Jesus…

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Pope at Audience: Canada, a penitential visit ‘like no other’

Pope Francis resumed his weekly Wednesday General Audiences on Wednesday, after his annual summer break, and dedicated this week's…

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Vatican releases programme for Pope Francis’ Canada visit

With just over one month to go before the Pope is scheduled to depart for his Apostolic Journey to Canada, the Vatican Press Office on…

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