SEPTEMBER | For the abolition of the death penalty

Each day, there is a growing “NO” to the death penalty around the world. For the Church, this is a sign of hope. From a legal point of…

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Pope at Angelus: ‘Fear not but be vigilant’

Greeting pilgrims on a hot and humid August Sunday, Pope Francis spoke about the Gospel reading in today's liturgy that recalls when Jesus…

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Pope at Audience: Canada, a penitential visit ‘like no other’

Pope Francis resumed his weekly Wednesday General Audiences on Wednesday, after his annual summer break, and dedicated this week's…

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Vatican releases programme for Pope Francis’ Canada visit

With just over one month to go before the Pope is scheduled to depart for his Apostolic Journey to Canada, the Vatican Press Office on…

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Pope’s Penitential Pilgrimage to Canada to reconcile and heal

Pope Francis’ imminent Apostolic Visit to Canada will be first of all a penitential pilgrimage geared at healing and reconciliation with…

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JULY | For the Elderly

We cannot speak about family without talking about the importance of the elderly among us. JULY 2020 - There have never been so many of us…

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Festival de las familias

Pope to families: I want the Church to be a Good Samaritan for you

The Tenth World Meeting of Families opened on Wednesday night, with a Festival of Families celebrated in the presence of Pope Francis. This…

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Corpus Christi: “Give of yourselves like Jesus did”

Presiding at Holy Mass on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Archpriest of the Basilica, Cardinal Mauro Gambetti,…

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JUNE | For Families

Family, a place where we learn to love The family is the place where we learn to live with one another, to live with young people and with…

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Pope’s Migrants Day message: ‘Better future must be built with foreigners’

“Building the future with migrants and refugees means recognizing and valuing how much each of them can contribute to the process of…

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