75 años

75 years later, history was filled with music, life, and color

Reenactment of Father Joseph Kentenich's arrival to New Helvetia, Uruguay On May 9, in New Helvetia, the yellowing pages of history became…

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Neue Einblicke

Progress in the publication of documents on the history of the Schoenstatt Movement

Study Edition #3 of the series "Documents on the History of the Schoenstatt Movement" presents in three volumes the correspondence between…

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Hoffnung Zukunft

“Family – Hope for the future”

Schoenstatt representatives from seven European countries met at the end of April in Munich at the European Forum to prepare for the…

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Alianza de Amor

When parents’ Covenant of Love is reflected in the lives of their children.

The Covenant of Love strengthens a deep bond between the Blessed Mother and her Covenant allies. This relationship is meant to shape one' s…

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Is it possible to meditate in a fast-paced world? Here are some tips.

In the last article we talked about the importance that Father Kentenich gave to meditation in daily life as a school of love, as a way of…

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Ecuador: Heaven and earth united to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the National Shrine

The Schoenstatt Family in Ecuador experienced days of profound meaning when they celebrated the 50th Anniversary of their National Shrine…

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Schoenstatt in Ecuador

Schoenstatt in Ecuador celebrates the Golden Jubilee of its first Shrine

 The Schoenstatt Family in Ecuador has prepared the Jubilee for the 50th anniversary of its National Shrine with countless offerings and…

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Schoenstatt en Argentina

Argentina celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the blessing of its National Shrine

The Shrine of Florencio Varela, called the Shrine of the Father, celebrates a special jubilee. New Schoenstatt, this emblematic Shrine in…

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María, Madre de DIos

Mary, Mother of God and our Mother

Mary is Mother of the whole Christ, of the historical and the mystical Christ. She is Mother of the Head and of the members. Mary is the…

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Father Shrine

New Schoenstatt, Argentina: Father’s Shrine, witness of the cross and Mary’s victory – Part II

The New Schoenstatt Shrine, in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is emblematic in Schoenstatt's history. It is currently preparing…

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